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Virginia Pollution Abatement Regulation and General Permit for Poultry Waste Management [9 VAC 25 ‑ 630]
Chapter is Exempt from Article 2 of the Administrative Process Act
Action Develop requirements that will address concerns regarding transfer and off-site management of poultry waste in the Commonwealth.
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Comment Period Ended on 8/21/2009
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8/15/09  7:09 am
Commenter: Nancy Cawood

Please Pass The Poultry Litter Regulation

 I have been a full time northern Virginia resident for almost 30 years and have watched this area transform from somewhat quiet, pastoral setting to one of a bustling city with all the advantages and disadvantages of a metropolis.

Along with the increased number of people has developed the parallel need of feeding the additional population in a way that helps maintain their health, vitality, and ability to succeed. 

Clean water will help keep northern Virginia residents healthy, happy, and paying taxes.  The old saying "pennywise and pound foolish" aptly applies to the clean water requirements and enforcement of poultry water pollution to date.  Let's get smart!  Massive poultry waste is an integral part of a massive poulty business.  REQUIRE businesses to clean up after themselves.  Why should the general population pay for their mismanagement?

If the poultry farmers need technological expertise in dealing with massive amounts of feces, let's provide it!  Give them whatever assistance they need and legislation that REQUIRES milepost achievements every year.  Penalities with "teeth" might also speed up the compliance process.
Clean water requires (1) high yet attainable goals, (2) milepost legislation with enforcement clauses, (3) spending a small amount of money now to guarantee a healthy place to live and grow old = for all Virginia citizens.

Thanks for listening!

Nancy P. Cawood
9411 Vernon Drive
Great Falls, Va.  22066

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