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Virginia Pollution Abatement Regulation and General Permit for Poultry Waste Management [9 VAC 25 ‑ 630]
Chapter is Exempt from Article 2 of the Administrative Process Act
Action Develop requirements that will address concerns regarding transfer and off-site management of poultry waste in the Commonwealth.
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8/14/09  4:23 pm
Commenter: John Sites

Please Pass The Poultry Litter Regulation

John Sites
545 S. Ellison Lane
Waynesboro, VA 22980

I grew up in Timberville, VA with the North Fork of the Shenandoah being my play ground. From spring to fall, there literally was not one single day my life did not involve the river. We would go to the public pool in Timberville and end up swimming in the river at the park. I can say that the river helped shape the person I am today. Unfortunately, if I were growing up in the same place today, I don't think this would be the case. I never thought once about swimming in the river, of course I was a child, but more importantly my parents never discourage my activities in the river. Now, someone mentions swimming in the North Fork and eyebrows rise. I grew up fishing the river, progressing from Zebco 303's and night crawlers, to spin fishing outfits and artificials. We would have 100 plus days wading the river. 15-20" fish were not a prize, they were common. After graduating highschool and entering the working world I couldnt resist the pull of the river. My cousin and I would be wading the river at day break, go to work at 8:00, spend our entire lunch break by the river, then load up the john boat afertr work and head to our favortie spots in Mt. Jackson until dark. Now, even if I was 18 again, I wouldnt put the energy into it. My river is sick and government officials need to wake up.

I have seen the litter being spread, lord knows its the spring time smell of the valley. I have seen piles by streams leading to rivers. I have seen creeks and ponds so florescent green with algae they looked fake. I have seen all of this affecting my river. Regulations need to be put in place and ENFORCED immediately. I will leave the specifics up to the people that know what needs to be done, but something must happen immediatley.

I have held my breath every spring since 2004. When it rains in the spring, some times I cringe. I know what is happening as the rain washes over those fields. More importantly, I wonder if my 5 year old son will be able to have the same life experiences I had on the river.

Jeff, Sorry if this is more of a rant than what was needed, but like my highschool english teacher said, when you put pen to paper (fingers to keys in this case) emotions begin to flow. Thanks for everything your doing and if there is something hands on I could do, let me know.

John Sites

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