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9/9/20  7:03 pm
Commenter: Gaming Laboratories International (GLI)

GLI: 11 VAC 5-70-10. Definitions - Part 2

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11 VAC 5-70-10. Definitions

GLI Recommendations

  • "College sports" means an athletic event (i) in which at least one participant is a team from a public or private institution of higher education, regardless of where such institution is located, and (ii) that does not include a team from a Virginia public or private institution of higher education.
  • "Covered persons" means athletes; umpires, referees, and officials; personnel associated with clubs, teams, leagues, and athletic associations; medical professionals and athletic trainers who provide services to athletes and players; and the immediate family members and associates of such persons.
  • "Major league sports franchise" means a professional baseball, basketball, football, hockey, or soccer team that is at the highest-level league of play for its respective sport.
  • "Motor sports facility" means an outdoor motor sports facility that hosts a National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) national touring race.
  • "Official league data" means statistics, results, outcomes, and other data relating to a professional sports event obtained by a permit holder under an agreement with a sports governing body or with an entity expressly authorized by a sports governing body for determining the outcome of tier 2 bets.
  • "Personal biometric data" means any information about an athlete that is derived from his DNA, heart rate, blood pressure, perspiration rate, internal or external body temperature, hormone levels, glucose levels, hydration levels, vitamin levels, bone density, muscle density, or sleep patterns, or other information as may be prescribed by the Board by regulation.
  • "Professional sports" means an athletic event involving at least two human competitors who receive compensation, in excess of their expenses, for participating in such event. "Professional sports" does not include charitable gaming, as defined in § 18.2-340.16; fantasy contests, as defined in § 59.1-556; or horse racing, as defined in § 59.1-365.
  • "Prohibited conduct" means any statement, action, or other communication intended to influence, manipulate, or control a betting outcome of a sports event or of any individual occurrence or performance in a sports event in exchange for financial gain or to avoid financial or physical harm. "Prohibited conduct" includes statements, actions, and communications made to a covered person by a third party. "Prohibited conduct" does not include statements, actions, or communications made or sanctioned by a sports team or sports governing body.
  • "Proposition bet" means a bet on an individual action, statistic, occurrence, or non-occurrence to be determined during an athletic event and includes any such action, statistic, occurrence, or non-occurrence that does not directly affect the final outcome of the athletic event to which it relates.
  • "Sports betting permit" means a permit to operate a sports betting platform issued pursuant to the provisions of §§ 58.1-4032, 58.1-4033, and 58.1-4034.
  • "Sports betting platform" means a website, app, or other platform accessible via the Internet or mobile, wireless, or similar communications technology that sports bettors use to participate in sports betting.
  • "Sports betting program" means the program established by the Board to allow sports betting as described § 58.1-4031.
  • "Sports event" or "sporting event" means professional sports, college sports, and any athletic event, motor race event, electronic sports event, or competitive video game event.
  • "Sports governing body" means an organization, headquartered in the United States, that prescribes rules and enforces codes of conduct with respect to a professional sports or college sports event and the participants therein. "Sports governing body" includes a designee of the sports governing body.
  • "Stadium" means the physical facility that is the primary location at which a major league sports franchise hosts athletic events and any appurtenant facilities.
  • "Tier 1 bet" means a bet that is placed using the Internet and that is not a tier 2 bet.
  • "Tier 2 bet" means a bet that is placed using the Internet and that is placed after the event it concerns has started.
  • "Virginia college sports" means an athletic event in which at least one participant is a team from a Virginia public or private institution of higher education.
  • "Youth sports" means an athletic event (i) involving a majority of participants under age 18 or (ii) in which at least one participant is a team from a public or private elementary, middle, or secondary school, regardless of where such school is located. However, if an athletic event meets the definition of college sports or professional sports, such event shall not be considered youth sports regardless of the age of the participants.

GLI recommends adding definitions from § 58.1-4030.

  • "At-risk or problem bettor" means any individual who engages in a range of behaviors, such as persistently betting more than planned, spending more time gambling than intended, chasing losses, and borrowing money to gamble, that place him at a greater risk of experiencing gambling problems.
  • "Confidential information" means:
  1. The amount of money credited to, debited from, withdrawn from, or present in any particular sports betting account;
  2. The amount of money wagered by a particular sports bettor on any sports event or series of sports events;
  3. The account number and secure personal identification code of a particular sports bettor;
  4. The identities of particular sports events on which the sports bettor is wagering or has wagered; and
  5. Unless otherwise authorized by the sports bettor, the name, address, and other information in the possession of the sports betting platform that would identify the sports bettor to anyone other than the Department or the permit holder.
  6. Information related to sports betting by sports bettors obtained as a result of or by virtue of a person's employment.
  • "Credits" means all inflow of money to a sports betting account.
  • "Debits" means all outflow of money from a sports betting account.
  • "Deposit" means a payment made by a sports bettor to the sports betting account.
  • "Handle" means the total amount of all sports betting sales excluding refunds and cancellations.
  • "Prize" means anything of monetary value, including money, credits, or merchandise in which a prize may be awarded.
  • "Prominently publish" means to place, directly or via a link, on one or more dashboards or on similar visualization tools that are properly labeled and clearly accessible from the home page of each of a permit holder's platforms.
  • "Secure personal identification code" means either a numeric or an alpha-numeric character code chosen by a sports bettor as a means by which the permit holder may verify a wager or sports betting account transaction as authorized by the sports bettor.
  • "Segregated account" means a financial account that segregates funds that are owned by sports bettors and that, by its terms, is restricted to funds owned by sports bettors, such that the permit holder's operational funds are not commingled.
  • "Withdrawal" means a payment of money from a sports betting account by the permit holder to the sports bettor when properly requested by the sports bettor.

GLI recommends adding definitions based on what has been used in other markets.

  • “Regulated entity” means a person or individual who is a permit holder, license holder, or registrant.

GLI recommends move here from 11 VAC 5-70-230.A.

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