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3/5/19  11:05 am
Commenter: T. Nelson Flippo, President of Flippo Lumber Corp.

proposed rules on greenhouse gas emissions

Flippo Lumber Corp. of Doswell, VA submits this comment to register its opposition to the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Rule as currently proposed by DEQ.

In its current form, the proposed rule would include emissions from non-fossil fuel sources such as biomass which we know to be a carbon-neutral fuel source  Our company operates a steam boiler fueled by pine sawdust (a biomass fuel)  produced by our sawmill.

In our view, including a carbon-neutral fuel such as biomass in the proposed rules makes no sense, as it accomplishes nothing towards limiting additional greenhouse gas emissions which is the supposed goal of the regulation.  It merely increases regulatory burdens on our industry thereby damaging Virginia’s forest based  economy.


T. N. Flippo, Pres.

Flippo Lumber Corp.

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