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8/24/18  9:11 pm
Commenter: Alan Brown

Rocky Forge Wind - wrong direction for a smart energy future for Virginia

Unreliable wind speeds in Virginia do not support utility scale mountain top turbines where the largest turbines would have to be used in an attempt to capture intermittent wind.

Rocky Forge Wind and it's questionable unvalidated potential production and it's certain high ecological impact are the wrong direction for a smart energy future for Virginia..

Even at a high cost to the taxpayer and the environment to manufacture, install and maintain wind turbines they still account for less than 1% of the world's provided power and zero decrease in carbon emissions.

Wind Energy is only supported by the Sierra Club because of large donations of money. Why else would an environmental group consent to supporting deforestation and the known killing of bats and eagles?

Please educate yourself on rare earth magnet mining before you categorize wind energy as green. Each turbine has at least 500 lbs of rare earth magnets in it's construction.


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