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Department of Energy
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8/24/18  5:46 pm
Commenter: Cindy Speas

Comments on Virginia's 10 Year Energy Plan Review

I urge Virginia to become a leader in the nation in revising this Energy Plan to one based 100% on clean, renewable energy. All Virginians will benefit from moving away from fossil fuels, leaving behind environmentally devastating fracking, offshore drilling, and pipelines all of which damage irreplaceable natural resources and pollute our ground, water and air. Moving to solar and wind energy sources will provide many Virginians jobs, and we can put resources toward retraining the employees of the fossil fuel industry so they and their families may benefit from this change. We need to upgrade the grid to include solar and wind energy input, and we need to stimulate the hybrid and electric car industry to help reduce air pollution caused by fossil fuel transportation. There is much to be done, and Virginia has fallen behind. The science of the climate crisis is real—we must do something now, not in 10 years or in 20 years. I appreciate the opportunity for Virginians to have input into this process. I encourage revising the energy plan in a bold way—with a thoughtful and realistic appreciation of the current climate crisis and a primary focus on the health and well being of our future generations.

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