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Department of Energy
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8/24/18  4:51 pm
Commenter: Lori Herrick Borden

Energy Assurance and Resiliency

Please update the 2012 DMME Energy Assurance Plan and include in the State Energy Plan going forward.  (Link:

The Commonwealth should consider developing and implementing short term and longer term strategies to improve policies, procedures and practices that would enhance energy assurance and resiliency. 

Opportunities include:

-  Enhancing communication and coordination among the state, local and private industry energy stakeholders so that all may be better prepared for potential energy disruptions. 

- Monitoring energy supply markets and providing notice for possible energy disruptions.

- Reviewing current regulatory requirements and testing of generators for nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other populations that have to “shelter in place” so as to ensure adequate emergency power supply systems.

- Creating a backup fuel plan for evacuation routes in case private fueling stations lose power or run out of fuel. 

-  Preparing public information messages/templates for various scenarios – such fuel waivers, pipeline issues, heat waves, etc.   We also need to assess communication systems' vulnerability state wide for backup power issues related to towers (cellular, television, radio, etc). 

- Expanding Emergency Support Function (ESF) #12 staffing at DMME and/or VDEM to provide ongoing coordination, training and communication with localities, utilities and other stakeholders (including our military).


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