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Department of Energy
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8/23/18  10:46 pm
Commenter: Susan Weltz

VA Energy Plan

Thank you for receiving comments about Virginia's Energy Plan. We must stop investing in fossil fuel energy. We know that climate change is real and is destroying our planet. The health effects of using polluting fossil fuels are harming the citizens of the Commonwealth. The destruction of Virginia's water and land from the extraction activity, transmission and the production of waste materials is not only heartbreaking but dangerous.

We need to agressively transition to clean energy. First, we need to incentivize energy conservation methods like insulating homes, use of efficient appliances and changing behavior. Next we should have solar panels on every possible home in Virginia; think about how much energy that will create. Creating solar farms and covering public places like parking lots would create green energy. We also need to develop our off-shore wind energy resources.

Virgina can be the leader of the clean energy revolution.  That's the future. Let's develop clean energy today for future generations. Then we can be proud of the world we're creating.


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