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Department of Energy
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8/23/18  2:21 pm
Commenter: Girard J Gurgick

How about a net zero contest!

It's time to really raise awareness of what's possible. 

Most industrial buidlings can be net zero,  Some smaller office buildings and hotels can be or get really close to net zero, and many retail buildings can be net a zero  I have not seen a single building built in VA  that uses geothermal radiant flooring for heating and cooling and treated air to meet code fresh air requirements,  high R value insulation, and windows with both a high STC ratiing and high R Value (low U value)  I suggest the state, VA EEC and USGBC get together to award a $5 MM prize for the largest building to achieve the lowset carbon footprint before adding reneables.  I am sure many of the building industry associations, developers, could raise the sum together with the state 

Couple this with PACE financing opportunities in the various jurisdictions and we could really raise awareness and have the right impact.

We have a lot to lose on our curent path and a planet to gain taking this one.

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