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8/22/18  8:26 pm
Commenter: David Goode

Support and Expand Rooftop Solar

As a source of infinite energy, so as long as the sun rises and sets each day, solar makes for a clean energy that has zero impact on our environment. Unlike other energry sources, like coal for instance, solar produces zero emissions, has no form of exhaust nor does it produce gases or excess heat. There is no waste waters produced nor are there any waste produced period. Hence the name clean energy. Please read futher as supporting solar production will help support a growing industry and help produce needs jobs. 

Virginia's Energy plan should expand job-creating incentives like net metering while eliminating arbitrary barriers that stifle job creation and hurt Virginia solar contractors, as well as other related businesses.

Please expand AND enhance "rooftop" solar programs and energy efficiency programs for everyday Virginians.  We will all benefit from a cleaner and healthier electric infrastructure system.

I respectfully urge you to expand rooftop solar in Virginia to create well-paying jobs, build clean local energy in our communities and give consumers energy independence, choice and freedom.  We need more jobs and these are the kind of jobs Virginia should support!



Thank you,

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