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Department of Energy
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8/22/18  2:29 pm
Commenter: Jill Averitt

Renewable energy for Virginia

Solar, wind and ways in which to reduce energy consumption are poised to take Virginia in a new direction. Virigina has the potential to be the poster child for the east coast if we can only escape the big corporations grip on gas and oil. We don't need to go down this destructive path. All studies show that renewables are ready for the switch creating permanent new jobs and protecting our great state, while saving the people of Virginia money. Focusing on an electric grid system that allows us to sell back solar energy would be for the good of all the people of Virginia. Using eminant domain on unnecessary gas pipelines to send the gas overseas when we already have enough in the US is NOT for the good of all. It's not too late to stop these pipelines and make the switch to solar.

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