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Department of Energy
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8/22/18  2:28 pm
Commenter: diana smith, the HerndonRestonIndivisible Science & Environment Group

Virginia Plan lacks Vision

I sat in on the Fairfax Listening Session with DMME; I was enlightened and I hope that the DMME policy makers were also educated.  Economists, physicians, researchers, renewable energy experts, parents, consumers, policy analysts, environmentalists, physicists, etc. all had strong reasons why the Virginia Energy Plan is too limited, too underwhelming, too timid, and too out-of-date.  I have compared the "goals" for renewable energy proposed by Virginia to other states. The Virginia plan lacks vision; it is not agressive, and it will leave Virginia behind other states that are preparing for the future which is renewables.

It is time for Virginia Policy Makers to listen to scientific advise.  To look at the economics of renewables.  And to consider the cost to the public related to a population sickened by continued carbon emissions.

I strongly advocate 100% renewable by 2040.  Goals should be lofty; this is attainable.

I strongly advocate lifting limitations on how much energy a household may add to the grid.

I strongly advocate capture and use of renewable energies in public buildings and spaces now.

I strongly advocate Virginia becoming the #1 stockholder in Dominion Energy Resources so Virginians can drive energy policy and not a corporation.

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