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Department of Energy
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8/21/18  2:40 pm
Commenter: Shankaransh Srivastava- GreenBrilliance

Growing rooftop demand in VA

I have been working in the solar insdutry for about 5 years now and my favorite clients have been from Northern Virginia. Although the payback period for solar systems in VA is much higher than siilar size systems in MD/DC, the customer of VA are one of the most aware customer in the tri-state region and most of them go solar for the environmental benefits associated with the solar install.

More and more homeowners in VA have showed their interest in going solar over past 5 years and that has resulted in a lot of small solar companies being formed in VA and hance creating jobs. Net-metering remains most crucial factor for the sustainability and growth of the distributed residential solar market in VA. The limitations- such as no state incentives, standby fee etc discourages many customers and are hurdles in the way of the growth of the rooftop market in VA.

I respectfully urge you to expand rooftop solar in Virginia to create well-paying jobs, build clean, local energy into our communities and give consumers energy choice and freedom.

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