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8/21/18  2:27 pm
Commenter: Peter Rossbach, Integrated Power Sources of Virginia

Support Residential Rooftop Solar in Virginia's Energy Plan

I am currently employed in Virginia's solar industry as a residential solar consultant. Over my work in the industry in the past year and half I have had the pleasure of being able to meet many different homeowners as they go through the process of deciding whether or not to install solar panels on their homes. Their decision to move forward with solar projects is crucial to advancing with the times and pushing forward a technology that is vital to our economy, our security, and our environment. 

When deciding to invest in solar energy, one of the largest and only incentives offered by the commonwealth is the ability to net meter. Without this, homeowners would be saddled with a much longer ROI and ultimately many of the people who would have moved forward would be unable or unwilling. For this reason, it is of great importance that net-metering be protected in all future policies.

Furthermore, by expanding the allowed limits to net-metering Virginia would be able to move closer to a free energy market where our sources of renewable energy grow organically through consumer decisions. It seems to me that if the people want to invest in Virginia's energy economy with their own money, it is silly to punish them with additional charges, especially when one consdiers the lack of other financial incentives such as SRECs and tax credits that are offered elsewhere. Personally, it is their decision to buy solar that allows me to make a living and it behooves me, as well as all others in the industry, that they are able to buy more. 

I respectfully urge you to expand rooftop solar in Virginia to create well-paying jobs, and to build clean, local energy into our communities.

Thank you

Peter Rossbach

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