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Department of Energy
Department of Energy
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8/20/18  8:07 pm
Commenter: Brock Cutler

Democracy in energy

Virginia needs to move toward a renewable energy future as quickly as possible. This means committing to dispersed generation of energy with rooftop and other solar, and wind. This also means stopping investment in new infrastructure tied to fossil fuels (pipelines, mines, etc) - while those have been important elements of the energy system, there is an urgent need to transition away from them as soon as possible. The more investment that is sunk in these old systems, the longer they will hang around. Instead, we need to work to move Virginia into the 21st century with a distributed system that is sustainable and democratic. The time of the monopoly dinosaurs is over - it is time for us to harvest their carcasses (the grid infrastructure) to allow the next generation of energy to come to the fore.

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