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Department of Energy
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8/8/18  1:41 pm
Commenter: Megan Kuhman

Build towards a 100% clean energy future


wIn the coming decade our goal in Virginia should be towards a fully functioning 100% clean energy portfolio.  This plan should include wind, solar, and if appropriate hydro electric and nuclear.  This transition will also require a thoughtful energy grid upgrade to ensure we can access the energy when needed.  Not only will this make Virginia a leader in the fight against climate change it will also lead to a more prosperous future for our state.  More jobs, more attractive to businesses wanting a clean energy home, and healthier air and environs for all Virginia.

This is the future of energy and the state I love should be near the front of the pack, learning best practices from other states ahead of us and providing a blueprint to those behind us.

We must make this transition so let’s make it now and make the case that a prosperous state can decouple from the uae of fossil fuels and create the economy of the future!

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