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Department of Energy
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8/7/18  3:25 pm
Commenter: John Clements

Roooftop solar only make sense!

We recently had our rooftop solar system installed and connected to the grid with our net meter.  Our solar system provides us with a stable, reliable, clean source of power.  It also allow us to provide our excess power on those sunny days, when the power grid is most taxed back to the grid and then withdraw it at night when the grid is least taxed.  If you only look at the financial aspect of it, there is no doubt that this will save you money since after you pay off the initial capital cost of the system, you are getting FREE power.  But that is not the main benefit of solar.  Since it is an unlimited, renewable resource of energy there is no reason that everybody who has the available space on their roof should not do this.  We wholeheartedly support rooftop solar as the cornerstone of a modern electric grid.

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