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Amount, Duration, and Scope of Medical and Remedial Care and Services [12 VAC 30 ‑ 50]
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10/23/15  9:47 pm
Commenter: EHS Support Services

Proposed changes MHSS

I have been a Clinician for EHS Support Services for almost 7 years.  Every year there seems to be significant changes that are made to MHSS that drastically, and negatively, impact clients with serious mental health disailities.  These changes seriously limit a clinician's ability to assist with making progress in improving the quality of the lives of these individuals.   My clients have informed me that my services to them have been more beneficial in their progress than any other mental health service offered in the community.  Clinicians are truely the "first responders" to a significant part of those in the mental health community.  Clinicians are able to assess clients for increased psychiatric symptoms and assist them with implementing the correct psychiatric protocols which prompts them to seek a more intensive psychiatric service as needed.  Clinicians also encourage their clients to obtain their correct psychotropic medications, as well as help their clients to work toward reducing their depression and anxiety via setting treatment goals.  Clients oftentimes struggle to understand psychiatric protocols and lack a desire to follow through with obtaining and taking their prescribed medications.  A therapist once told me that MHSS is the "engine" that starts the assistance that mental health clients need to move forward in maintaining their paychiatric health (which allows them to become stable in the community).  

I urge you to increase funding for MHSS to help our citizens with mental health needs stabilize their lives in the community.  Although media outlets have publicized the need for increased funding and resrouces for mental health needs, (based upon the actions of individuals who's neglected mental health needs resulted in tragic consequences), no substantial increase in the quantity, or quality, of mental health services has occurred in our region.


Ann Huggins, QMHP-A, EHS Support Services


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