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Amount, Duration, and Scope of Medical and Remedial Care and Services [12 VAC 30 ‑ 50]
Action Mental Health Skill-building Services
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Comment Period Ended on 10/23/2015
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10/21/15  2:26 pm
Commenter: Bridget Baldwin, St. Joseph's Villa


Mental Health Skill Building Services

  1. Page 1—Suggest removing experience with intellectual disability or geriatric services from the clinical experience definition as this conflicts with DBHDS definition described on two documents (QMHP/QMRP/QPPMH Definitions and Human Services and Related Fields Approved Degrees/Experience provided on their website)
  2. Page 3—Recommend adding frequency required to the “Review of ISP” definition.  Additionally, the 15 calendar days allowed to complete the report conflicts with information on page 19, 4b which allows until the last day of the month in which the report is due.
  3. Page 11—We have been informed by Magellan that service coordination activities are billable as long as they are described in the ISP.  Page 11 indicates that only face to face services are billable.  Please clarify.
  4. Page 19, #3 does not include QMHP’s as qualified to complete ISP’s.  This conflicts with page 14, #7 which allows QMHP’s and QMHP-E’s to complete the ISP.
  5. Page 21, #16 allows supervision of QMHP-E’s to be provided by a LMHP-supervisee, LMHP-resident, and QMHP.  The current Community Mental Health Rehabilitative Services Manual, chapter 2, page 12 requires that supervision be provided by a LMHP.  I agree that a LMHP-supervisee and LMHP-resident should be able to provide supervision for a QMHP-E.  Is the inclusion of a QMHP an error?

Crisis Stabilization

  1. Page 7, #7 should indicate that registration is required instead of authorization.

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