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Comment Period Ended on 8/4/2014
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8/4/14  3:26 pm
Commenter: Cassandra Ford, Social Action Chair

Enough is enough. Let the people vote!


The recent proposal to limit "valid" IDs for the purposes of voting to unexpired IDs, is unnecessary and will create additional challenges for people who want to exercise their right to vote. Since a photo ID is only for identification purposes, the need to have elections officers inspecting dates adds an additional delay to the voting process for all involved.There are other safeguards and procedures in place to deal with possible fraudulent voting.

Since your identity does not expire, what is the purpose of adding an additional obstacle to the voting process for citizens who actually make an effort to vote? Other businesses and government organizations allow for the use of expired IDs because they can still "identify" the person. Why should it be harder to vote than it is to make a purchase via check at a store or even obtain a new license? This will create an undue burden on election officers who will already be dealing with the new ID requirement. Please don't make these dedicated citizen's work even more difficult. This extra level of ID scrutiny will lead to longer lines, and increased use of provisional ballots on election day.

Lastly, given the timing of this additional regulation, it is unfair for voters who were already dealing with ensuring they had photo ID for the upcoming election. All the of the work that has gone into promoting the new regulation, will create a need for retraining and redevelopment of materials for distribution on the new Voter ID regulation. If anything, please keep the current version of the regulation as it is, and then we'll deal with the ramification of instituting that extra obstacle to voting on election day. Let the people vote, because enough regulation is enough when it comes to keeping people from the polls to exercise one of their most important rights in our dynamic democratic society.

Thank you for yoru time, and consideration of those who care enough to express their thoughts on this very important issue!

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