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Comment Period Ended on 8/4/2014
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8/4/14  1:33 pm
Commenter: Olga Hernandez

Valid ID is anyone whoes photo looks like the voter trying to cast a ballot

The main reason stated by the sponsors of the Voter Photo ID bill was to make sure the person voting is the same person attempting to cast a ballot. If the.  the  photo has a  reasonable likeness of the person checking in, it should be fine..  The list of acceptable documents outlined in the legislation include many items that DO NOT have expiration dates.   Making Election Officers check expiration dates for some and not others is an inconsistent enforcement of the law.   Election Officers need not be put in the position of interpreting what is a good ID or not, especially as some IDs have dates other don’t or are hard to find.  . This will slow check-in lines for now good reason.    If the goal is to prevent unqualified people from voting, the voter registration rolls already does that, if you are registered and  show up with an ID that looks like you it should be fine.  People do not always renew or have the ability due to illness, age, cost or  whatever to get that done.  It should not void their right to vote.  Even the free IDs incur problems as people have to go to the office to get their photo taken and capture their signature if they are not on DMV rolls.  Even that is a hardship for many.

We are within a short window of the November elections, many Election Offices have already started to train Election Officers.  Please do not add to the confusion &  cost of administering elections.  Budgets have already been cut and materials would again have to be developed and distributed.  Will the state be adding  more money to accomplish this?  I think not.  Please do not add to the already heavy burden of Election Officers on election day and to the locality staffs that will deal with this.  There have already been several changes in the last few years with millions of dollars spent in mailing now useless voter card that were to be used as IDs.  This will only cause headaches, confusion and cost not to mention adding longer lines to check in as EO resolve these issues with the chief or multiple calls are made to the office.

As you decide, think of the cost, confusion and staffing time this will affect and the discouragement to voters who are trying to do their civic duty and participate in their government. 

Documents with expiration dates have a different reason for having end dates such as driving or traveling abroad non of the corresponds to voting.  Votr registration is forever as long as you still live in the jurisdiction, are not a felon with restoration of rights or are dead. 

A picture is a picture and does not expire! 

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