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1/30/13  4:57 pm
Commenter: Marysandra Draude

50 million missing Americans

Not one pro-choice person ever mentions the fact that 50 million children have been destroyed in the U>S> since the passage of Roe vs Wade.  We cringe at the thought of 6 million Jews being thrown into furnaces or shot during WWII but the idea of 50 million babies being scrapped out of their mothers' wombs seems to have no effect on the "this is MY body and I can do whatever I like to it" women.  There is no denying the fact that an embryo turns into a fetus turns into a human child.  If you think the following is ridiculous----" a child isnt a human being until the age of reason at 7 so it is liable to be killed at its parents wishes", then why dont you think that the initial stages of this human life cycle also must be protected from harm. It really boils down to  the selfishness of women who do not takes rigorous steps to ensure they do not get pregnant and then use legal abortion as a method to rid themselves of the "problem".  Before Roe vs Wade, thousands of women became "inconveniently" pregnanr but those dreaded back-alley abortions that pro-choicers love to brandish as a reason for legal abortion can account for a miniscule number of deaths----are we supposed to mourn the woman's death or the baby who never had the right to life?  Wake up women of America and start taking control of your bodies without killing your children.

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