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Regulation for Emissions Trading [9 VAC 5 ‑ 140]
Action Repeal CO 2 Budget Trading Program as required by Executive Order 9 (Revision A22)
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Comment Period Ended on 8/30/2023
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8/28/23  12:22 pm
Commenter: Laurie-Ann Preston, Active - Independent VOTER


I implore Gov. Youngkin & the Board to keep Virginia in RGGI.  In July, the WORLD experienced the HOTTEST temperatures on record. Not only does this affect our health, but it puts a strain on our power systems to help us, lucky enough to have AC, comfortable & productive. ($$)

In addition, we will be paying a higher power bill, which comes to one of Gov. Youngkin issues, Virginians paying more.  I see the riders on my Dominion bill.  If Dominion/Wash. Gas, etc doesn't run their systems effectively or adopt green technologies.  Those cost should not fall on Virginians, but I would rather pay a little something now to combat the effects of climate change than:

  • pay higher future power bills, 
  • pay higher food prices because a farmer can't produce basic crops due to floods or heat, 
  • pay additional or higher medical bills.  Due to the heat, I have red itchy welts up/down both legs! 
  • pay higher state taxes to repair climate damage to our streets, schools, shoreline or to help my neighbors. 

RGGI has & will continue to improve public health.  FACT: In just 6 years, RGGI participating states realized a $5.7B in public health benefits.  With a decreased in air pollution, we have fewer asthma attacks, premature births (aren't you pro-life?), missed days of work (productivity/economy) & schools (education)!

The other benefit is Virginia's economy & assisting our neighbors NOW vs later.  RGGI is generating funds to:

  • providing safe, affordable & energy-efficient homes (JOBS) to low-income families in ways that were never possible before RGGI. Staying in RGGI at least through 2030 would upgrade 130,000 homes (increase property taxe$), saving $89M annually with average annual savings of $676/household & sustaining more than 2,000 jobs.
  • providing dedicated funding to localities to plan for & prevent recurrent flooding. There is a massive need for this funding.  Flood damages will cost the stae $79.1B if left unchecked!!
  • generating job growth & diversifying Virginia's economy by developing & implementing new green technologies.  Many of our large defense corporations (SAIC, GD, etc.), are developing green technologies as offerings to sell to local, state & federal governments. Those are JOBS!!

The other topic I hear from Gov. Youngkin, the Board & GOP is that RGGI is not effective.  Please look at the data & FACTS. Since joining RGGI, Virginia's power plant emissions have consistently decreased by 12.5% between 2020-21 & by nearly 8% between 2021-22, which is a good ROI. 

In addition to the UN climate crisis appeals, the US Defense Department lists Climate Change as a SECURITY THREAT to our country.  You will be contributing to our country's security threat and going against our Defense Dept if you remove Virginia from RGGI!

Personally, I do not understand how a ONE-TERM governor & his political GOP appointees (5-10 people) can take our entire state (8.7M people) out of a LAW.  Isn't removing Virginia from RGGI illegal?  Yes, it is and definitely unethical.  This is another example of the minority ruling against the majority!  The majority of Americans & Virginians think Climate Change/Crisis is real & a threat to our & future existence. 

If this is a concern of our Governor & his administration, and we live in a democracy, then this should be voted on by our Legislature or a topic for the BALLOT BOX!

I hope you can read from the facts & my comments, how important RGGI is to me, my family, fellow Virginians & our country.  I pray and truly hope that you will consider staying in RGGI.  It's always okay to change your mind & vote to keep Virginia in RGGI.  PLEASE!

Thank you for your time and consideration!  Please. :)



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