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Small Renewable Wind Energy Projects Permit by Rule [9 VAC 15 ‑ 40]
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5/29/23  8:12 pm
Commenter: Dave Condon

Repeal the Renewable Wind Energy Project Permit by Rule

Several years ago in an authorized DEQ open comment with Apex Clean Energy regarding Rocky Forge LLC in Botetourt, County, I specifically asked how many wind turbines were to be built along with the coordinates. Apex responded that had not been determined as yet; however, Rocky Forge LLC had already applied for 22 sites with coordinates as noted by the FAA Aeronautical Study 2019-WTE-8774-OE representing all 22 sites.  DEQ was informed of this without any action on their part.

Infrasound is known to create health issues to humans although wind energy companies will deny this.  In 2017, the Massachusetts Courts ordered the City of Falmouth to shudder it's wind turbine facilities due to 22 plus medical cases were settled due to Infrasound.  In the past two years, whales who died on the beaches of New Jersey have been linked to Infrasound supposedly linked to an offshore wind turbine facility.  There is another wind turbine project called Pinewood which is proposed by Apex to be built on land owned by the Blue Ridge Mountains Council located in Pulaski County VA which overlooks Powhatan Boy Scout Camp putting the lives of Boy Scouts and Staff at risk.  Will DEQ investigate Rocky Forge and Pinewood to protect people?  Probably not!

There is no Power Purchase Agreement with Dominion Energy, Virginia, with Rocky Forge, LLC at this time.  In a letter dated Decembe19, 2022 from Attorney Jacqulynn Hugee with Dominion Energy, she states "It is Dominion Energy's understanding that this project is being developed by Rocky Forge LLC, an affiliate of Apex Clean Energy, Inc.  To update our prior responses, please be advised that Dominion Energy and its subsidiaries do not own the project, are not currently developing, building or operating the project, nor do they have any application pending to do so."    Furthermore, there is no current interconnection agreement between PJM LLC with Dominion Energy and Rocky Forge LLC.   Further, it is my understanding that no wind energy projects in Virginia have been applied for since January 21, 2022 when Rocky Forge LLC applied for 13 new sites with coordinates without advising DEQ.  Without a Current Interconnection Agreement and Power Purchase Agreement,  why will DEQ allow this project to move forward as it will sit idle and rot?

Although DEQ and the FAA have no jurisdiction over each other, there are many active military low level high speed training routes that aircraft fly over Rocky Forge versus one.  Should an aircraft go down, water cannot put out aviation fuel fires as Botetourt County does not have the equipment or training.   In 1971, I fought a forest fire in north Botetourt County called the Rathole Mountain fire.  Due to the terrain, it was difficult to get equipment to help fight that fire.  Over 3000 acres were burned with the loss of life .  In fact, the group I was with had to run from being engulfed in that fire.  One fire fighter was burned alive as I recall.  The fire was started by a child playing with matches.   Does anyone recall or remember that fire?

As a former investigator, DEQ lacks the training to properly investigate; therefore I recommend that the Permit By Rule or PBR for renewable energy be repealed.

Dave Condon, Resident of Botetourt County, VA 










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