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Action Material omissions from absentee ballots.
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10/10/11  3:07 pm
Commenter: pjkittrell

Changes in Virginia's Absentee Voting Standards

Stop this now!  America watched the Republicans  throw tantrums just like two year olds since Barrack H. Obama been in office.  We are too quick to forget--Not ME.  This is another hostage game.  Our signatures are personal and should match our driver's license or other supporting documents.  So what if it is not ledgible to the reader.  Did it match the ID you verified it against?  Stop! This is crystal clear foul-play!  And as a citizen of the United States of America, I am exercising my democratic powers- enough is enough.  We must look at the elective officials who allowed this to happen and vote accordingly.  In the mean time we must  read all print  especially small and be prepared for the outcome.

Carmela Jones I read your response, seems the good ole boys are paying someone off again.  This election is upsetting a lot of boys.

D Mitchell we are going backwards if this idea is documented into law.

Patricia Wilson It shold be criminal and let's keep our eyes on the elective officials who is allowing this rediculous notion into law.

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