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10/8/11  10:50 pm
Commenter: Bob Noel

Voter suppresion is alive and well

I shudder to think that all of the voter suppresion that I hear about from across the Red states in our country's mid-section is now coming to an election near me, here in Virginia. Just because someone makes a "judgement call" about whether a signature is accurate, proper or correct; it does not mean that a voter's right to choose should be negated. I am disabled; if my signature is shakey because I was in extreme pain the day I filled the form out, should THAT disqualify MY Constitutionally guarranteed right to choose my leaders? I say NO, in the most firm fashion afforded to me!


This is just another, blatant attempt to cut into the potential votes of progressives and liberals (AND many conservatives also)! Need I remind you that what comes around, goes around; the Reublicans will not always have such utter control of the Virginia state government, and Democrats will at some point be the political party de jour. I feel as though we should stop all efforts to gerrymander, suppress and in any way alter the current state of affairs in Virginia.


Taking away a voter's rights is an evil that that the current Republican administration has chosen to attempt during this time of political discord. PLEASE do not fall prey to these under-handed gimicks that would needlessly alter the correct course of history in our state. Let the voter's will stand!


Bob Noel (Robert Noel is my legal name, would that have disqualified my vote?)

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