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10/8/11  10:39 pm
Commenter: Cheryl,

Voter Suppression

The middle class has endured the Republican sponsored outsourcing of jobs and reduction in wages for over 30 years. 

The middle class is barely surviving the Republican protectionism of the tax cuts for the so called "job creators" while in fact not a single job was created during the entire last adminstrations rein.  And even now those same "job creators" are failing to create a single job for the 14 million plus unemployed....but they are still enjoy those "job creating" tax cuts.  Trickle down, has turned into trickled on for the middle and working class.

Unions have been under attack for decades, with a real cruelity displayed by the Republicans since the 2010 elections.

And now, the very thing that makes America the envy of the world and "exceptional" as the Republicans are so keen on includng in their talking points....OUR RIGHT TO VOTE is under attack.  And they are not even trying to disguise the vile racism and elitist way they are trying to hinder the vote of minorities and the poor.    The Republican majoritiy in the Supreme Court has already diminished the American voter in favor of those "job creators" with the Citizens United ruling. 

I do not understand how any middle or working class American can carry the mantle of Republican.  Herman Cain says that African Americans have been brainwashed, but it is apparently the Republicans who so readily votes against their own interests in favor of "job creators" who are seating on 2 trillon dollars and outsourcing jobs daily.   If it wasn't so tragic, it would be funny.

Anyone with pulse should be voting the Republicans so far out office that they become a bad memory in American history.






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