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Minimum Standards for Licensed Private Child-Placing Agencies [22 VAC 40 ‑ 131]
Action Adopt new standards for licensed private child-placing agencies.
Stage Proposed
Comment Period Ended on 4/1/2011
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4/1/11  4:27 pm
Commenter: Tom Hall

Propsed Minimum Standards

131-90 D.4- Does this standard require that a specific home be kept as a back- up for each child or is a general reference to a back- up home being available sufficient. Can this be clarified?

131-180 C. Does this standard mean that a completed application must precede any assessment of the applicants’ suitability to be approved a provider. Can this be clarified?

131-190 O. This standard seems excessive. Can it be reduced in its scope?

131-190 R. Having knowledge of each federal, state and local ordinance seems like an excessive burden to place on providers. The details of the actual firearms standards seem sufficient.

131-190 S. What tests are being referred to in this standard?

131-230 E.8. Why would you need to provide an addendum to the homestudy when you are completing a re-evaluation? Isn't a reevaluation by its very nature an addendum to the homestudy?

131-250 S.7. Rather than document the parent's specific reaction to each topic would it suffice to document the parent's general reactions unless they expressed concerns?

131-260 A. What is required is the child leaves the program before the date the Social History is due in the record?  Can that be clarified?

131-260-A.1. if the child's come into short term care regularly as in a respite situation it seems excessive to update the social history each time. Could this standard be amended to state that changes in social history were updated when they occur?

131-260-8&9 Could this standard be changed to state "attempt to gather" as these provisions may be difficult or impossible to comply with.

131-280-10 & 11 Would recommend deleting these sections from the standards. In most cases localities would prefer to give permission for these events on a per event basis.

131-290-C.11 Recommend that the phrase "Handicapping conditions" be changes to Disabling conditions or some other phrase that is less pejorative.

131-290-K-M Recommend that these sections be placed in the provider home section of the standards and away from the section dealing with the children.

131-320 B. c. Can clarification be added as to whether or not this section requires the licensing representative to be notified when a suspected case of abuse or neglect is called into the local department or if the licensing representative is only notified notified only when a case is accepted for investigation by the locality.

131-320 E. Can clarification be added as to what constitutes a serious accident or injury?

131-330 L. If repeated efforts to contact the worker/ supervisor fail does leaving a message on the voice mail of the worker/supervisor constitute contact?

131-340 2. Two separate plans are referenced in the section. Can they be combined as one?




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