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Department of Energy
Department of Energy
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9/12/22  10:17 pm
Commenter: Cris Craft (Electrical Engineer)

energy plan

We need to forget about global warming, it's all lies with flawed and manipulated data. We are not on the verge of dying in 12 years due to co2, this is all a blatant lie from the left and I'm sick and tired of their lies and destruction of the American way of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Green energy sounds cool on paper but it is nowhere ready for mainstream use, just look at the colossal failures of green energy, all the toxic metals and destruction of the environment that this has caused let alone the slave labor employed for batteries.

We need to stick to where America shines and God has blessed us, Oil, Coal, natural gas and nuclear power. Fusion power is probably the next best that needs to be developed.

Wind energy is too expensive and solar is not ready for prime time. These ideas need to be trashed until they have matured. 

The government needs to stop manipulating the market, let the free market reign, this is what made us the great country that we are, that and the blessings of Jesus Christ, provided that we follow Him with all of our heart, soul and mind.

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