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3/3/22  10:19 am
Commenter: Janet


The inconsistency among organizations just within our great state of Virginia is ridiculous. K-12 now can choose whether or not to wear a mask, but at a local college where I work in Lynchburg, students are not required to wear them, but faculty and staff are, along with students as soon as they punch in as an employee. Once they punch out, they can ditch the mask. Who is this helping??

If the vaccine works, then those who fear covid are safe, or can continue to wear the oxygen-inhibiting masks. But do not continue to force those of us who do not believe this is scientific, or who are immune from having suffered for 3 months with the Delta variant. Our immune systems are working fine, thank you. 

It is about time for Americans to go back to living truly FREE, able to make our own informed decisions about our bodies. Good grief - folks want 13 year olds to be able to mutilate a preborn baby without parental consent but we are all forced to do this, which has already been proved ineffective - is shameful. 

Thank you!

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