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Department of Conservation and Recreation
Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board
Resource Management Plans
9 guidance documents relevant to this chapter for the criteria specified

ID Title Effective Date  
6881 2021 Draft Grant Manual for Dam Safety, Flood Prevention fund 9/3/2020 
DCR-VSWCB-033 Financial Commitments For Establishment of a New Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD/district), or Realignment of an Existing District 10/15/2003 
DCR-VSWCB-036 Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board Guidance Document on Freedom of Information Act Requirements for Resource Management Plans Program Implementation by Soil and Water Conservation District Boards and Technical Review Committees * 9/27/2018 
DCR-VSWCB-037 Guidance Document on New Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) Implementation 3/29/2018 
DCR-VSWCB-041 Virginia Dam Safety Program Enforcement Manual 9/7/2016 
DCR-VSWCB-043 Engineering Job Approval Authority Procedures 12/6/2017 
DCR-VSWCB-044 Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board Guidance Document on the Tax Credit for Precision Agriculture Equipment 4/19/2018 
VSWCB-DCR-046 Design and Use of Devices to Lower the Reservoir Water Level 12/16/2020 
VSWCB-DCR-047 Methodology for Identifying Perennial Streams 12/16/2020 

* Document applies to this chapter specifically. Other documents listed apply to the parent board or agency.