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Department of Conservation and Recreation
Department of Conservation and Recreation
Standards for Classification of Real Estate as Devoted to Open Space Use Under the Virginia Land Use Assessment Law [4 VAC 5 ‑ 20]
16 guidance documents relevant to this chapter for the criteria specified

ID Title Effective Date  
DCR-BCR-001 DRAFT Community Flood Preparedness Fund Guidelines 3/1/2021 
DCR-NH-064 Natural Heritage Resources of Virginia - Rare Animal Species 9/1/2021 
DCR-NH-065 The Natural Communities of Virginia: Ecological Groups and Community Types 7/1/2021 
DCR-NH-074 Virginia's Precious Heritage: A Report on the Status of Virginia's Natural Communities, Plants, and Animals 12/1/2003 
DCR-NH-075 Natural Heritage Resources of Virginia - Rare Plants 9/1/2021 
DCR-PRR-001 2018 Virginia Outdoors Plan 1/1/2018 
DCR-PRR-002 Virginia Recreational Trails Program 8/1/2019 
DCR-PRR-003 Land and Water Conservation Fund Application Manual 3/15/2022 
DCR-PRR-004 A Guide to Citizen Involvement in the Scenic River Designation Process 12/15/2015 
DCR-PRR-025 Occoneechee State Park Master Plan 7/17/2018 
DCR-VLCF-002 Virginia Land Conservation Foundation's Grant Manual 7/12/2022 
DCR-VLCF-003 Land Preservation Tax Credits - Conservation Value Review Criteria 3/27/2009 
DCR-VLCF-004 Procedural Guidelines for Land Conservation Tax Credits Conservation Value Review 12/12/2006 
DCR-VLCF-005 Virginia's Land Preservation Tax Credit Brochure 1/10/2022 
DCR-VLCF-006 Land Preservation Tax Credit Questions and Answers 3/8/2022 
DCR-VLCF-007 Virginia Land Conservation Foundation Guidance Document on Conservation Easement Dispute Resolution 10/27/2015 

Documents listed are for the parent board or agency since they may be relevant to this chapter. No guidance documents apply to this chapter specifically.