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11 guidance documents relevant to this agency for the criteria specified
Documents applying to multiple boards may be listed under each board.

ID Title Effective Date  
BOARD: Board of Game and Inland Fisheries
785 Board Procedures for Wildlife Regulations * 1/1/1997 
787 Citizen Participation in Wildlife Regulations brochure * 2/1/2000 
788 2002-2003 Doves, Woodcock, Snipe, Rails, Falconry, September Canada Goose and September Teal (Virginia migratory game bird) seasons and bag limits * 7/1/2002 
789 2002-3 Virginia Migratory Waterfowl Seasons and Bag Limits * 8/1/2002 
790 Virginia Deer Management Plan * 7/1/1998 
791 Endangered, Threatened Species Permit Application and Permit Information * 3/1/1998 
792 Special Status Species in Virginia * 12/1/2002 
793 Virginia Wildlife Species Profile: Bog Turtle, No. 030061.1 * 12/1/2002 
794 Animal Population Control Permit for Furbearing Animals, Application and Permit Information * 8/1/2000 
795 Permit Application to Exhibit Wild Animals in Virginia, and Permit Conditions * 8/1/2002 
796 Handbook of Virginia Boating Laws and Responsibilities * 12/1/2001 

* Document applies to one or more specific chapters and not to the board as a whole