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Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
42 guidance documents relevant to this agency for the criteria specified
Documents applying to multiple boards may be listed under each board.

ID Title Effective Date  
BOARD: Charitable Gaming Board
4310 Progressive Games 6/2/2010 
4309 Use of Proceeds 12/1/2012 
4311 Electronic Pull-Tab Game Displays, Themes, and Sounds 11/14/2012 
BOARD: Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
750 Guidelines for the Virginia Ginseng Management Program * 12/16/2016 
2552 Virginia Shipping Requirements for Package Bees and Queens 12/16/2016 
3255 Approved Capture Drugs and Drug Administering Equipment 7/20/2009 
3256 Methods Prescribed or Approved for Animal Euthanasia and Competency Certification Requirements 5/20/2013 
3747 Guidelines for Enforcement of the Virginia Weights and Measures Law - Civil Penalty Assessment Decision Matrix 10/1/2008 
3748 Guidelines for Enforcement of the Virginia Code Relating to Motor Fuels and Lubricating Oils - Civil Penalty Assessment Decision Matrix 10/1/2008 
4099 Office of Weights and Measures Technical Bulletin Number 2011-1 -- Labeling of Motor Fuel Dispensers outside Reformulated Gasoline Areas 6/1/2011 
4100 Office of Weights and Measures Technical Bulletin Number 2011-2 -- Advertisement Signs and Posted Signs with Taxes Included or Excluded and the Total Price Displayed at the Pump 7/1/2011 
4307 Commercial Breeder Guidelines 1/20/2009 
4308 Office of Weights and Measures Technical Bulletin Number 2011-3 -- Taxes Charged for the Purchase of Gasoline, Diesel, Off-Road Diesel, Heating Oil and Kerosene 7/1/2011 
4698 Health Spa Contract Requirements 7/29/2010 
5023 Agents of VA Cooperative Extension Program Proctoring Commercial Applicator Examinations * 7/3/2012 
5024 Answering Telephone Requests for Pesticide Applicator or Pesticide Business License Examination Scores * 7/3/2012 
5025 Applicator Recertification Options; Approval Procedures for Recertification Courses * 12/19/2018 
5028 Commercial Carpet Cleaners Who Apply Pesticides for Flea and Tick Control * 7/3/2012 
5029 Discontinuance Policy * 7/6/2012 
5030 Division of Consumer Protection - Administrative Procedure for Compliance Actions 8/7/2012 
5031 Guidelines for Enforcement of the Virginia Pesticide Control Act; Civil Penalty Assessment Decision Matrix * 7/2/2012 
5033 Product Registration - When two pesticide products may be registered for a single fee * 9/29/2010 
5035 Production Registration - Submission of Labels * 12/11/2014 
5036 Registration Label Review * 8/24/2017 
5037 Supervision of Registered Technicians (Including Government Employees and Not-for-Hire Individuals * 12/19/2018 
5328 Model Ordinance for Use by Localities in Their Regulation of Charitable Solicitations * 9/13/2013 
6126 Virginia Livestock and Poultry Law and Related Regulations Civil Penalty Matrix * 12/8/2016  Changes Being Made
6450 Certification of individuals treating cooling towers or swimming pools * 12/19/2018 
6451 Guidelines for Home Manufactured Pet Foods/Treats * 12/19/2018 
6479 Guidelines Governing Veterinary Protocols * 12/26/2018 
1115 Industrial Co-Products Guidelines * 12/16/2016 
1743 Agricultural Stewardship Act Guidelines 4/1/2010 
5034 Product Registration - Submission of 24c- Special Local Need Registration * 12/11/2014 
751 Virginia Cooperative Gypsy Moth Suppression Program, 2019 Guidelines * 12/19/2018 
756 Virginia Entry Requirements for Honey Bee Hives and Appliances * 12/16/2016 
OACER 2018-01 Guidelines Governing the Approval of Continuing Education Training for Animal Control Officers 1/1/2018 
OACER CIVIL PENALTY Office of Animal Care and Emergency Response - Civil Penalty Matrix - Guidelines for Enforcement * 5/24/2018  Changes Being Made
OPIS 2012-01 Guidelines for Beehive Distribution Program 12/19/2018 
OPS-AdminProc Office of Pesticide Services - Administrative Procedure for Compliance Actions 12/19/2018 
OWM 2016-01 Handling of Diesel Exhaust Fluid Dispensed for Testing 5/1/2016 
OWM 2017-01 Guidelines for Approval of Public Weighmaster Licenses 4/1/2017 
BOARD: State Milk Commission
2727 VA State Milk Commission Monthly Report Audit Manual * 11/27/2012 

* Document applies to one or more specific chapters and not to the board as a whole