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Regulations Governing the Practice of Licensed Certified Midwives [18 VAC 90 ‑ 70]
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New regulations for licensed certified midwives
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CLOSED     Opened on 5/22/2023 and Ended on 7/21/2023

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Comment Title Commenter
Support certified midwives Bianca Gandarias  7/21/23  3:40 pm
I support the regulations for Certified Midwives Leslie Lytle  7/21/23  3:15 pm
Support for CMs Jane Celeste, PhD, HBCE  7/21/23  12:13 pm
Support for LCM Regulations Karen Kelly, CM, FACNM, President-VA ACNM  7/20/23  11:58 pm
Support for CM Licensure Elle Schnetzler DM, CM, FACNM  7/20/23  12:25 am
I support the regulations for Certified Midwives in Virginia. Dani Fuller  7/17/23  8:45 am
I support the Certified Midwife credential for Virginia Kathleen Louise McClelland  7/9/23  10:15 pm
I support Midwives Kim Pekin  7/9/23  6:31 pm
CM Regulations in Virginia Leslie M. Payne, CPM  7/9/23  3:12 pm
Midwives regulations Claudio Ammatuna  7/8/23  10:30 pm
I support regulation for certified midwives in virginia Ludmila Trujillo  7/8/23  10:23 pm
I support midwives' Marisel Ammatuna  7/8/23  10:19 pm
Support Certified Midwives Ricardo Trujillo  7/8/23  10:16 pm
I support Certified Midwife regulations Mary Martin, Doula  7/8/23  8:27 am
Support for Certified Midwife Regulations Meghan Noonan, CNM  7/7/23  8:57 am
I support midwives regulations Naomi Andrews  7/6/23  11:05 am
Support Jaya Ramani Duresky  7/6/23  7:33 am
I SUPPORT MIDWIVES Abigail Gennaccaro  7/5/23  9:49 pm
Support for Certified Midwives!! Molli Atallah  7/5/23  7:45 pm
Support for Certified Midwives in Virginia Linsay Hiller  7/5/23  6:51 pm
Support for CM regulations Nichole Wardlaw, National Black Midwives Alliance  6/23/23  7:27 pm
Support for CM regulations. Juliana Fehr, Shenandoah University  6/21/23  5:48 pm
Support for CPMs and Out of Hospital Birth Safety Centra Health  6/19/23  3:38 pm
Support For CM Amy Lavelle, Ph.D.  6/19/23  9:54 am
I support midwives Victoria Buchanan, CNM  6/17/23  3:19 pm
Support for these regulations as written Becky Banks, CPM, LM  6/16/23  4:11 pm
Support for LCM Regulations Katie Page CNM FACNM  6/16/23  11:26 am
Licensed Certified Midwives    6/16/23  9:38 am
I support Virginia midwives Anonymous (217263)  6/15/23  7:07 am
Support for passage of CM regulations Kristin H. Conrad, DNP, CNM, FACNM  6/15/23  5:15 am
I support virgins Midwives. Danielle Shealy  6/14/23  7:09 pm
Support for CM regulations Briana Watts, Virginia Families for Access to Midwifery  6/14/23  6:27 pm
Support for CM Regulations Savannah Fassero, Heart of Lynchburg Midwifery  6/14/23  9:22 am
Support for the Licensure and Practice of CMs Crystal Fink CPM, LM - Roanoke Birth & Perinatal Center  6/14/23  8:14 am
LM in Virginia Susan Oshel, CPM, LM  6/13/23  4:35 pm
I support Virginia CM’s E.H. CNM  6/12/23  9:28 pm
VA Certified Midwives Misty Ward Virginia Birth Center Alliance  6/12/23  5:02 pm
CM regulations Anonymous (217193)  6/12/23  1:49 pm
Regulations for Certified Midwives Christina Owens, CPM, LM  6/10/23  12:49 pm
Support for the CM! Ann Schaeffer, DNP, CNM, FACNM  6/9/23  9:18 am
Support Regulations for Certified Midwives Kelly Sicoli, CNM  6/8/23  8:35 pm
strong support of regulations allowing certified midwives to practice Sarah Allen-Short  6/8/23  2:59 pm
Support for approval of CM regulations Kate Becker, CNM  6/8/23  12:15 pm
I support Virginia's Certified Midwives Erica Gallagher  6/7/23  4:01 pm
Support the CM Heather Maurer, MA, CAE  6/7/23  11:20 am
Certified Midwives practice in Virginia Maryann Long, PhD, CNM (ret), FACNM  5/30/23  3:58 pm
Certified Midwives in VA Emily Bruno  5/30/23  3:29 pm

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