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Update the Uniform Statewide Building Code
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CLOSED     Opened on 2/3/2020 and Ended on 6/26/2020

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Comment Title Commenter
Improve Virginia's energy efficiency codes Blythe Merritt  6/26/20  11:06 pm
Time for Virginia to Meet the 2018 International Energy Conservation Code Keith Oberg, Langley Hill Friends Meeting  6/26/20  11:01 pm
Building Code revision Beth Hodsdon  6/26/20  10:06 pm
Virginia energy efficiency building code Freeda Cathcart  6/26/20  9:40 pm
Virginians are ready for a change, a comfortable change Smita Chandra Thomas, Energy Shrink, LLC  6/26/20  9:34 pm
Amend VA building code to meet/exceed 2018 IECC energy efficiency code for all construction Network NoVA, WofA We of Action  6/26/20  9:16 pm
Virginia's Energy Efficiency ranking is appalling and unacceptable Natalie Pien, Personal comment  6/26/20  8:13 pm
Virginia's Energy Efficiency ranking is appalling and unacceptable Natalie Pien, 350 Loudoun  6/26/20  8:12 pm
Please adopt 2018 IECC with no weakening building envelope amendments Walton C. Shepherd  6/26/20  8:00 pm
Virginia residents need energy efficient buildings Sarah Richardson, personal comment  6/26/20  6:28 pm
Virginia Energy Efficiency Melanie Barton  6/26/20  3:52 pm
Home cannot be imperiled by homes. Melinda Reingold  6/26/20  3:42 pm
Please keep in mind that the ARCTIC posted a record high 100.4 degree temperature last week! Judy Gayer  6/26/20  3:07 pm
Update Virginia's Building Code to reflect strong energy efficient standards Elizabeth Ende  6/26/20  3:00 pm
Strengthen building codes by adopting the latest IECC provisions Beth Kuhn  6/26/20  2:59 pm
Adopt the 2018 IECC building code as written Susan L. Stillman Personal  6/26/20  2:38 pm
Improving the Energy Efficiency of New Homes Garry Whelan, Personal  6/26/20  2:28 pm
VA needs to be more energy efficient Jessie Clark  6/26/20  2:01 pm
Upgrade the Uniform Statewide Building Code Shelley F Tamres  6/26/20  1:56 pm
Require new petroleum retail stations to prepare for EV Charging Matt Wade  6/26/20  1:32 pm
Amend the Uniform Statewide Building Code Stair Z Calhoun, Network NoVA  6/26/20  1:09 pm
Adopt IECC provisions to protect health and equity in Virginia Samantha Ahdoot, Chair, Virginia Clinicians for Climate Action  6/26/20  12:41 pm
Time for VA to meet International Energy Conservation Code Antonia Bouchard  6/26/20  11:11 am
Choose Strong Energy Efficiency Standards Delegate Rip Sullivan, House of Delegates  6/26/20  10:39 am
Respect the intent and letter of the law on building energy efficiency Kathleen D Nawaz  6/26/20  10:27 am
Notice of Violation Changes Weaken the Code Officials Ability to Properly Enforce Code David V. Sharp, Representing Self (Code Academy Instructor)  6/26/20  10:01 am
Time for Virginia to meet the 2028 IECC Annette Lang, Virginia resident  6/26/20  9:52 am
Time to update standards Amy Bergner  6/26/20  9:16 am
Virginia Energy Efficiency Code for Residential and Commercial Buildings Nancy Najarian, VA Grassroots Coalition Clean Energy Working Group  6/26/20  9:10 am
Time for Virginia to Meet the 2018 International Energy Conservation Code Sharon Shutler  6/26/20  9:08 am
Enhancing Building Energy Efficiency codes reduces owner costs AND carbon emissions William Stewart, representing myself  6/26/20  6:29 am
Improving Virginia Energy Efficiency C.D. Guillaudeu  6/26/20  6:10 am
Adopting the most recent building code is a WIN-WIN-WIN proposition Chris LeMenestrel  6/26/20  12:14 am
Energy Efficiency improvements are low-hanging fruit Meredith Haines  6/25/20  11:40 pm
Please help make Virginia buildings more energy efficient Ruth McElroy Amundsen  6/25/20  8:26 pm
Weakened amendments of the USBC's residential energy provisions are a social justice concern Ross Shearer  6/25/20  5:10 pm
Virginia is Inefficient: DHCD should do something about this Adam Siegel  6/25/20  12:18 pm
Residentail Building Code Update John Wise  6/24/20  2:36 pm
It's time to require greater energy efficiency and help address the climate crisis Judy Gayer  6/24/20  12:08 pm
Virginia's need to update outdated building efficiency standards Jennifer Bears  6/24/20  11:38 am
Stricter Building Codes save residents money Barbara Foster  6/24/20  8:23 am
Don't be outdated Joanna Vereen  6/23/20  2:35 pm
A stronger building energy efficiency code will save residents money and save the climate William Driscoll  6/23/20  12:08 pm
Building Codes should follow International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) Peter Braun  6/23/20  10:59 am
Purchase cost vs operating cost of a home James Robb  6/23/20  9:30 am
Correction to earlier comment: Virginia already at 4% duct leakage Andrew Grigsby  3/2/20  1:37 pm
It's time to bring Virginia into compliance with the 2012 IECC efficiency standards Andrew Grigsby  2/27/20  9:15 pm

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