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Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code [13 VAC 5 ‑ 63]
Action Update the Uniform Statewide Building Code
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Comment Period Ends 6/26/2020
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6/26/20  9:34 pm
Commenter: Smita Chandra Thomas, Energy Shrink, LLC

Virginians are ready for a change, a comfortable change

1. Virginians deserve thermally comfortable buildings

Better insulated buildings with more efficient systems are more comfortable to live and breathe in -- they don't get too hot or too cold regardless of the weather.

Updated codes will help ensure that Virginia is keeping pace with the improved understanding of what it takes to make the buildings best suited for the climate. Let's give Virginians the best. 

2. Recent election results have shown that Virginians are ready to embrace progress

While most residents are not aware of codes, they are quite aware of new announcements being made by their new representatives. They are hungry to hear that we are moving in the right direction, and bringing in meaningful change. Codes are the most effective way to reduce energy use and emissions from buildings (ACEEE) -- buildings are the largest sector where meaningful reductions in emissions can be made to slow down climate change (Mckinsey, IEA). Climate change is a big issue on the mind of constituents, red or blue. Let's put them at ease with impactful updates. (Imagine the headlines!)

3. Costs are a non-issue compared to increased disposable income

The stakeholder process used in code development ensures that only the most cost-effective standard measures make it to the codes. Besides, the price of upgrades to the latest code are minor compared to other real estate pricing concerns, especially in the urban markets. So, financial concerns should not hold us back. The savings from utilities will most likely be pumped back into the Virginia economy (more Virginia wine, anyone?). Let's provide Virginians with more disposable income.

Bottomline: Let's adopt the current IECC codes (2018) (and leave our neighbors in the dust.)

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