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Vegetation Control Regulations on State Rights of Way [24 VAC 30 ‑ 200]
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Amend Vegetation Control Regulations on State Rights of Way
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CLOSED     Opened on 1/3/2022 and Ended on 2/2/2022

10 or more objections have been filed.   What does this mean? See code of Virginia
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Comment Title Commenter
Stop fast track regulation on Tree Removal Daphne Cole  1/30/22  8:58 pm
VDOT needs regulations to protect trees in the right of way Patricia VonOhlen  1/30/22  9:02 pm
Tree benefits include lower crime, higher property value, and less nuisance flooding Catherine Kilduff  1/30/22  9:10 pm
VDOT should NOT be cutting ROW large diameter trees to daylight businesses Robert C Jennings  1/30/22  9:15 pm
VDOT should not be allowed to fast track the proposed amended regulation Leanne Raynor  1/30/22  9:37 pm
Insufficient analysis to allow regulation amendment allowing increased tree cutting/pruning Bill Hafker  1/30/22  9:57 pm
Correction of last sentence in my just submitted comments Bill Hafker  1/30/22  10:04 pm
STOP Fast-Tracking of Proposed VDOT Tree-Cutting Regulation A. M. Lindemann  1/30/22  10:17 pm
Please do not fast track changes to "vegetation control" in VDOT right of ways Renee Grebe  1/31/22  12:59 am
STOP NOW the Fast-Track of "Amend Vegetation Control Regulations on State Rights of Way" Claire Neubert  1/31/22  6:14 am
Concerns Regarding Proposed Regulation Chris Leyen, Virginia League of Conservation Voters  1/31/22  6:18 am
Please do not fast track 24VAC30-200. Vegetation Control Regulations on State Rights-of-Way (amendin Denise Mosca  1/31/22  6:26 am
Serious Concerns Regarding Rule Change, The justification for cutting trees in ROW is inadequate Catherine Ledec  1/31/22  7:33 am
No to this amendment Leslie Jacobs  1/31/22  8:07 am
Disadvantaged by proposal to increase tree cutting along VDOT right-of-way Rogard Ross, Friends of Indian River  1/31/22  8:20 am
Oppose the Fast tracking of this Regulation Brent Hunsinger  1/31/22  8:59 am
Please do not fast-track this regulation Victoria Metcalf  1/31/22  9:13 am
Oppose Fast track Roberta Kellam  1/31/22  9:41 am
oppose fast track Shannon Brennan  1/31/22  10:14 am
Oppose Amend Vegetation Control Regulations on State Rights of Way Melissa Johnson  1/31/22  10:18 am
Please do not fast-track regulations allowing VDOT to jeopardize bigger trees Kit Norland, Arlington Tree Action Group  1/31/22  10:43 am
PLEASE STOP THE FAST-TRACK of 24VAC30-200-20 Cindy Speas  1/31/22  11:07 am
Do Not Cut Down Larger Diameter Trees and Tree Limbs for Right of Ways Bonnie May Kersta  1/31/22  12:23 pm
Slow down - do not fast track Catherine Lukaszewicz  1/31/22  2:04 pm
Do not fast track Connie Ericson for Audubon Society of Northern Virginia  1/31/22  2:20 pm
Do not allow changes to this regulation Anne Little, Tree fredericksburg  1/31/22  5:57 pm
Tree/Vegetation regulatory change Carol Warren  2/1/22  10:52 am
Tree/Vegetation Regulatory Change Ellen Szymanski, Freshwater Consulting LLC  2/1/22  12:16 pm
No VDOT Tree Fast Track Anonymous (119194)  2/1/22  1:40 pm
Do not fast track this tree/vegetation regulatory change Gabby Troutman  2/1/22  2:20 pm
No Fast Tracking - for 24VAC30-200 Vegetation Control Regulation on State Right of Way (amending 24V Steve Spence  2/1/22  3:12 pm
No VDOT Fast Track/President Mother Nurture Company Anonymous (119199)  2/1/22  11:51 pm
No to VDOT Fast Track Logan Kendle, CBF  2/2/22  8:21 am
NO to VDOT fast-tracking Sheri Shannon  2/2/22  12:42 pm

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