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Amount, Duration, and Scope of Medical and Remedial Care and Services [12 VAC 30 ‑ 50]
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EPSDT Behavioral Therapy Services
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Comment Title Commenter
Medicaid EPSDT Comments Colleen Miller  2/13/13  12:05 pm
Supervision, Staff credentials, and Covered services Family Insight: Heather Moor (Director, Roanoke) and Lissa Hoprich, LBA  2/12/13  9:16 pm
Support Position of BACB Amy Smith, Grafton  2/12/13  2:31 pm
BCBA + LMHP or LMHP-E = Great Service Family Preservation Service  2/7/13  12:16 pm
effective direct care Tasha Walsh, LCSW; Providence Service Corp.  2/7/13  12:12 pm
Extension Requests Dr. Betty Etzler, LCSW; Family Preservation Services, Inc.  2/7/13  12:11 pm
Data Storage and Documentation Trisha Aberton, PsyD - Family Preservation Services, Inc  2/7/13  12:06 pm
Supervisor Qualifications Monika Isip, LPC, ATR Family Preservation Services-Peninsula/ Norfolk  2/7/13  12:06 pm
Continuations of service Sara Williams, First Home Care  1/28/13  12:04 pm
Supervision Concerns KJ Holbrook - MRCSB  1/24/13  11:38 am
About ... Chris  1/20/13  12:58 pm
Improving regulatory oversight Shane Ashby  1/18/13  2:05 pm
3 Month Duration of PAs Dominion ABA  1/16/13  12:39 pm
BCBA's Far Beyond, LLC  1/16/13  12:15 pm

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