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Regulations Governing the Practice of Licensed Midwives [18 VAC 85 ‑ 130]
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Disclosure requirements for high-risk pregnancies
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CLOSED     Opened on 10/26/2009 and Ended on 11/25/2009

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Reconsider this regulation Lisa Pratt, JD Candidate, University of D.C., David A. Clarke School of Law  11/26/09  12:10 am
Informed Consent is a Cornerstone of the Midwifery Model of Care Aimee Fairman, CPM  11/25/09  11:26 pm
Regulations Governing the Practice of Licensed Midwives Carol Sakala, Director of Programs, Childbirth Connection  11/25/09  11:19 pm
Creation of Proposed Regulations Trinlie Wood, CPM  11/25/09  10:42 pm
evidence-based risk for all health care providers/reasonable regulation Becky Banks  11/25/09  10:25 pm
Research based informed-consent Kelly Elder  11/25/09  9:45 pm
Informed consent--CPM's Beth Ashton  11/25/09  10:51 am
Protect individual's choice based on informed consent Freeda Cathcart, Mothers United for Midwifery  11/25/09  10:36 am
Preserving my individual choice to know Amy Ferguson  11/25/09  9:05 am
Informed consent for maternity care Melissa Fawley  11/25/09  8:51 am
evidenced based care/informed consent should be standard for ALL maternity care providers Jill Carrillo  11/25/09  7:21 am
Preserve Individual Choices Peggy Franklin RN,ND,CPM  11/24/09  10:50 pm
Evidence-Based Informed Disclosure/Homebirth Jennifer Downey  11/24/09  10:42 pm
disclosure embedded in midwifery model of care Gina Bass  11/24/09  10:28 pm
Informed Choice/Refusal for all maternity care providers Kim Pekin, CPM, Birth by Design, LLC  11/24/09  9:03 pm
Informed Consent by ALL birth care providers Janelle Seymour  11/24/09  8:40 pm
Informed Concent and Certified Professional Midwives Sabrina McIntyre  11/24/09  7:09 pm
New Regs are Redundant but provide Opportunity Vickie Liguori, CPM  11/24/09  3:10 pm
Educated Choice Michelle Byrom  11/24/09  1:27 pm
Informed consent and evidence-based information Maria Hishikawa  11/24/09  12:08 pm
Evidence Based Regulation John Smith  11/24/09  7:05 am
Certified Professional Midwives Michele Sullivan, consumer, mother  11/20/09  3:53 pm
Informed Consent Dawn Kubik  11/18/09  11:39 pm
Evidence-based information Rebecca Aquino  11/18/09  10:19 pm
Strongly desire access to midwifery care, home birth Calli Curtis  11/18/09  3:07 pm
Evidence-based care for all women Sara Fariss Krivanec, VABirthPAC  11/18/09  12:34 pm
Less regulation, more evidence Denton Romans  11/14/09  9:38 pm
Regulations Governing the Practice of Licensed Midwives Aimee L. Crane, Esq., IBCLC, Birth Blessings  11/14/09  2:05 pm
High Risk Conditions Pamela H. Pilch, JD, LCCE  11/14/09  11:02 am
CPMs and Evidence-Based Informed Consent Pamela H. Pilch, JD, LCCE  11/14/09  10:49 am
Certified Professional Midwives Kristen Marsh  11/13/09  10:39 pm
Current, Quality, Evidence-based information is critical Tammi McKinley, CPM, Northern Virginia Midwifery  11/13/09  6:57 pm
Midwives should be required to disclose.... Virginia Ferguson  11/13/09  9:36 am
true informed consent should be the standard for ALL birth care providers in ALL settings Tami Conklin  11/13/09  9:07 am
Home Birth Informed Consent grainne ostrowski  11/12/09  5:17 pm
Upholding Women's Right to Consent Jenne Alderks, Solace for Mothers, Inc.  11/12/09  2:39 am
Knowledge for women. maddy cassell  11/5/09  9:57 pm
Informed Consent for Maternity Care Jennifer Cassell  11/5/09  12:31 pm
Equality of regulations Dr. Lori Flanagan  11/5/09  11:27 am
I commend all of you for insuring women have evidence based informed consent Maryann Combs  11/4/09  3:01 pm
MIdwives/Homebirth/ Informed Choice Maddy Oden, The Tatia Oden French Memorial Foundation  11/4/09  1:02 pm
please utilize quality research in informed choice Brynne Potter CPM, Commonwealth Midwives Alliance  11/4/09  7:57 am

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