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Regulations Governing the Practice of Licensed Midwives [18 VAC 85 ‑ 130]
Action Disclosure requirements for high-risk pregnancies
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11/4/09  7:57 am
Commenter: Brynne Potter CPM, Commonwealth Midwives Alliance

please utilize quality research in informed choice

On behalf of the Commonwealth Midwives Alliance, I am writing to commend the Board of Medicine for its efforts to bring together the medical and midwifery communities in the development of comprehensive informed choice documents for Certified Professional Midwives.  

The hallmark of the Midwives Model of Care is to support a woman as she moves through her pregnancy, labor, and birth. CPMs work with women to both promote a healthy pregnancy and provide education to help her make informed decisions about her own care.  This is a constant process that begins with the first visit and hopefully shapes and empowers the woman as she transitions into motherhood.

By striving to provide relevant, comprehensive, and evidenced based information to midwives and their clients regarding issues of risk related to maternity care decisions, the Board of Medicine can help to ensure that the great body of evidence about home birth and maternity practices in the US and the rest of the world makes its way into the hands of the women who are making critical decisions about their health and the health of their babies.

CMA encourages the Board of Medicine to utilize objective, quality research in determining the content of the regulatory documents.  Resources such as the Cochrane Database and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) are good examples.  We also ask that you consider ways to provide for updates to these documents as new research and understanding develops regarding best practices for optimal outcomes for mothers and babies.


Brynne Potter, CPM



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