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Revisions to the Regulations Establishing Standards for Accrediting Public Schools in Virginia
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Comment Title Commenter
Performance Testing & Opt Outs Virginia PTA  7/5/24  11:54 pm
Growth Measurement and English Learners Arlington Public Schools  7/5/24  5:35 pm
School Performance and Support Framework Amy Beaumont  7/5/24  12:46 pm
Defending Changes for More Inclusion of English Learners Nicholas Munyan-Penney, EdTrust  7/5/24  9:59 am
English Learners Abigail Schmidt  7/4/24  9:19 am
Public schools are not the same Citizen  7/4/24  8:51 am
I support the new Framework, Greater Mastery Weighting and Middle School Advanced Coursework Todd Truitt  7/4/24  5:28 am
VA leading the country in academic achievement is a good goal: the policies must match it. Anonymous (226829)  7/3/24  4:47 pm
Considerations for Students with Disabilities and Multilingual Learners Fairfax County Public Schools, Office of Government Relations  7/3/24  4:19 pm
More instructional hours Anonymous (226822)  7/3/24  2:52 pm
Chronic Absenteeism Valerie Coley / Divine Covering Ministry  7/3/24  2:46 pm
School and student performance John Campbell, Virginia Department of Aviation  7/3/24  2:15 pm
Support mastery Alison Babb  7/3/24  2:06 pm
I support the revisions to the SoA. Anonymous (226810)  7/3/24  1:59 pm
Public Comment on School Performance and Support Framework Stacie Gordon, Virginia Manufacturers Association  7/3/24  11:00 am
Concerns about the mastery index calculation Anonymous (226575)  7/2/24  9:32 am
Against the citizenship test Anonymous (226573)  7/2/24  9:28 am
Readiness for HS Anonymous (226572)  7/2/24  9:21 am
MS Advanced Coursework Brian Nussbaum  7/1/24  7:55 am
Public School Students deserve better in VA! Amy Gwinn  6/29/24  9:30 am
Lack of actual instructional hours Myron Goodman  6/27/24  1:08 pm
More Instructional Hours & More Pay Charlotte A  6/27/24  11:39 am
More instructional hours Anonymous (226086)  6/27/24  4:42 am
Require more instructional hours and pay teacher’s accordingly Erin D  6/24/24  7:34 pm
More Instructional Hours Bethany Heim  6/24/24  5:56 pm
Increase instructional hours for accreditation Eileen Chollet  6/24/24  2:01 pm
Additional testing 5th/8th grade Lauren Thorne  6/23/24  8:00 pm
SOA Draft Lisa Hill  6/21/24  3:56 pm
No New Performance Labels / No Extra Tasks for 5th & 8th Grade Anonymous (226053)  6/21/24  3:51 pm
Disprove of new 5th grade and 8th grade performance task test Nicole Teichman  6/21/24  1:38 pm
Performance Tasks Matthew Chamberlain  6/21/24  12:29 pm
Proposed 5th and 8th Grade Testing Kristi Chamberlain  6/21/24  12:03 pm
Why Anonymous (226047)  6/20/24  9:19 pm
Fine Arts Diploma Seal Holly Bess Kincaid, Virginia Art Education Association Past President  6/4/24  4:14 pm

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