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Small Solar Renewable Energy Projects Permit Regulation [9 VAC 15 ‑ 60]
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Public Petition for Rulemaking: Endless Caverns North Project/Endless Caverns South Project, Notice of Deficiencies, Request for Permanent Cancellation of PBR, and Petition to Amend DEQ Regulations under the APA

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CLOSED     Opened on 1/2/2023 and Ended on 1/23/2023

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Comment Title Commenter
Energex is detrimental to the enviroment Brian and Michelle Turner  1/23/23  10:42 pm
Change NOI Brenda Sessor  1/23/23  9:31 pm
Question about Bats/Brook Floaters Joni S Lam  1/23/23  9:01 pm
Obvious Stormwater Issues Chesapeake Bay Watershed Concerned Member  1/23/23  6:20 pm
Against Farmland Use Roy Kipps  1/23/23  5:45 pm
Solar impact David Jenkins  1/23/23  5:26 pm
increased access to information results in better informed local decisions Kate Wofford  1/23/23  5:07 pm
Caden Energix Endless Caverns solar Tommie Martz  1/23/23  4:03 pm
We do not need River Trail or any other project from Energix DEQ violators Eugenio Burgaleta III  1/23/23  2:07 pm
Disruption of the Shenandoah Valley Mike Stewart, Endless Caverns  1/23/23  10:51 am
Worried about the wildlife impacted by the caden energix endless caverns north and south project Frances Jones  1/23/23  9:58 am
Endless Caverns North Project/Endless Caverns South Project -- Request for Denial of PBR Application Robert Boisture and Mary Margaret Pipkin  1/23/23  9:50 am
Solar project on Hebron Greg Sudholt  1/23/23  8:48 am
Caden energix endless caverns north and south project is just way too large Stevie Jones  1/23/23  12:43 am
Amend NOI Scott Flood  1/22/23  11:57 pm
Too many questions still exist WFO Inc.  1/22/23  8:54 pm
Stop Caden Energix Endless Caverns comment Greta & Randy Miller  1/22/23  4:32 pm
Our Concerns over Energix Endless Caverns (both projects) Dennis & Belva Higgs  1/22/23  3:32 pm
Hell NO to this Energix Abomination Ralph Nader  1/17/23  10:22 pm
NO TO ENERGIX Concerned Voter  1/17/23  10:20 pm
Recommendation on proposed PBR regulation changes Matthew Meares  1/17/23  11:45 am
No to Energix Mary Hodge  1/16/23  1:53 pm
Caden Energix Environmental Violations Robert & Sandra Goodman  1/15/23  3:57 pm
Care about the environment Anonymous (207863)  1/10/23  8:50 pm
DEQ must change NOI regulations to ensure fairness and transparency Virginia Coalition for Human Rights  1/10/23  9:32 am
Energix Must Not Disrupt Nature's Plan Paul Murphy, Ph.D.  1/9/23  10:00 am
We don't need violators of international law and local environmental regulations in Virginia Katherine Metres Akbar, Person2Person International  1/7/23  12:50 pm
Energix deception regarding proposed River Trail project Eugenio Burgaleta  1/6/23  1:35 pm
Deception by Energix kenneth a jemielity  1/5/23  10:28 am
Public concerns Cody Miller  1/4/23  8:08 pm
Environmental Concerns Regarding Caden Energix Jeff and Charity Derrow  1/3/23  9:22 pm
Negative Impacts Duane Lam  1/3/23  8:18 pm
No to solar companies who abuse DEQ rules Joni Lam and Rockingham County Citizens for Responsible Solar  1/3/23  3:07 pm

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