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Commission on the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program
Ignition Interlock Regulations [24 VAC 35 ‑ 60]
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Public Petition for Rulemaking: Petition to Amend 24VAC35-60-20

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CLOSED     Opened on 10/24/2022 and Ended on 11/24/2022

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Comment Title Commenter
VASAP changed the rules and is still playing by the old ones Dave Hites  11/24/22  10:34 pm
Refuses to refund money for tow Cheryl Brown  11/23/22  2:05 pm
Intoxalock Anonymous (206016)  11/23/22  3:18 am
Intoxalock scamming Enrique Rosario  11/21/22  7:05 pm
BAIID Theresa  11/21/22  6:36 pm
I agree with this petition Chas Reynolds  11/21/22  6:28 pm
Horrible machine! Tucked off  11/20/22  8:20 pm
i agree with petitioner/ Intoxalock is set up to fail, and to embezzle us, and/ or extort us. Darrin Marsh  11/20/22  4:11 pm
Please grant this petition Anon  11/18/22  6:41 pm
I agree with the petition Yolanda Bush  11/18/22  5:55 pm
Intoxalock Curtis Neill  11/18/22  3:34 pm
I agree, please grant this petition rita  11/16/22  11:18 am
Please grant this petition. iid readings should NOT be used anonymous (205477)  11/16/22  11:04 am
I agree with the petitioner! Sarah  11/12/22  12:19 am
Support Megan Yevak  11/9/22  9:30 am
I agree with the petitioner. Anabel  11/1/22  12:48 am
BAIID Chandra Dickie  10/31/22  1:23 pm
BAIID Chandra Dickie  10/31/22  1:23 pm
Petition JoAnn Lankford  10/31/22  4:38 am
Ignition Interlock Devices Jennifer  10/30/22  11:26 am
I am signing the petition Todd Buhyoff  10/29/22  4:40 pm

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