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The State Board of Elections (SBE) welcomes the input of stakeholders as it weighs the future certification status of the WINVote voting equipment currently used in 30 Virginia localities. The Board has scheduled a public meeting at 11:00 a.m. on April 14, 2015, General Assembly Building, House Room D. The Department of Elections in a recent report to the Board identified serious security concerns with WINVote voting equipment, particularly with the wireless capability of the system. The report and other documents are available here

The purpose of this public comment forum is to allow Virginians to submit comments on whether the Board should take action to decertify WINVote voting equipment or other action to fulfill its statutory obligation under Va. Code ยง 24.2-103 to protect the integrity of elections in Virginia.

We ask that you please include in your comment your name, any organization that you represent in making comments, and your email address. Comments may be submitted online to the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall at

Public comments should be submitted no later than 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 12, 2015. If you are unable to use the online forum, you can submit an email comment to We welcome all thoughtful and informative comments, suggestions and questions and appreciate you taking the time to share your comments with us.

This public comment opportunity is presented in the periodic review area to allow an opportunity for immediate online public comment on an issue of public importance. This forum does not open a new periodic review of the Chapter 60 regulations nor affect the pending periodic review in Chapter 60 for which public comment period has ended.

CLOSED     Opened on 4/3/2015 and Ended on 4/12/2015

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Comment Title Commenter
Moving Forward to Verifiable Voting Systems - Decertify Winvote Pamela Smith, President, Verified Voting Foundation  4/12/15  11:54 pm
Protect the Vote Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law  4/12/15  10:09 pm
Election Integrity Security trumps convenience, decertify AVS WinVote Alex Blakemore, Virginia Verified Voting  4/12/15  8:42 pm
The WinVote DRE should be decertified Eugene Spafford  4/12/15  8:22 pm
WINview Electronic Voting - yes/no John Perkins, Retired, USN  4/12/15  6:02 pm
Please Decertify WinVote Equipment Barbara Simons  4/12/15  5:34 pm
Comments for SBE to consider about AVS WinVote Gordon Jarratt, individual with long exposure to the AVS WinVote platform  4/12/15  5:26 pm
WinVote voting equipment Issue Marilyn Karp  4/12/15  4:41 pm
WinVote Barbara Matthews, Officer of Elections, Fairfax City  4/12/15  4:12 pm
Paper ballets Steve Tyree  4/12/15  3:29 pm
Problems with WINvote began early Anne D. Sterling  4/12/15  3:27 pm
Allow for June Primaries in those localities, replace by November, 2015 David Andrews / DRAND Consulting  4/12/15  2:48 pm
OCR / paper ballots better William kreykenbohm, Prince William election officer  4/12/15  1:48 pm
Paper does not Marianna Williams  4/12/15  1:39 pm
Paper is Better Barbara Kreykenbohm  4/12/15  1:18 pm
Comments from Virginia Verified Voting David L Dill  4/12/15  12:42 pm
Decertify Until Secure Systems Exist D. Kerr  4/12/15  11:13 am
Do not decertify Win Vote machines without thorough study and replacement plan. Kathleen McDermott  4/12/15  10:23 am
no electronic machines Ryan Benway  4/12/15  9:56 am
timing is everything; elections integrity is critical; don't create more problems than you solve Cameron P Quinn, election professional  4/12/15  9:30 am
WinVote Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) Juan E. Gilbert, University of Florida  4/12/15  9:26 am
Decommission WinVote machines Cianti Stewart-Reid, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia  4/12/15  9:26 am
Decertification Tom Gates, Roanoke County Government  4/12/15  7:56 am
Voting machines producing no hard copy are unacceptable Timothy Kendall, writing as an individual  4/12/15  12:16 am
Return to paper ballots Mary Ann Merritt  4/11/15  10:43 pm
DECERTIFY WINVote equipment NOW, not later David Andrews, Chief Election Officer  4/11/15  9:58 pm
Don't wait for a catastrophy Carolyn Caywood  4/11/15  5:19 pm
WinVote System Margaret Copernoll, no organization  4/11/15  3:18 pm
Decide based on facts not emotions Kevin Linehan Certified Elections Administator  4/11/15  2:19 pm
WinVote technology need to be replaced Olga Hernandez (Election Officer 30 years)  4/11/15  12:43 pm
Paper ballots, we need the ability to confirm authenticity. Sarah Birk  4/11/15  11:19 am
Voting Machines Tamera Dickerson  4/11/15  11:14 am
WinVote Election Intergrity League of Women Voters of Virginia  4/11/15  11:03 am
WinVote voting machines Bryant Cochran, self  4/11/15  10:13 am
Aging and vulnerable computerized voting systems need a replacement plan Carl Landwehr  4/11/15  9:49 am
voting machines Mary Jo Fields, Virginia Municipal League  4/11/15  9:48 am
WinVote is an unacceptable risk and must be decertified Jeremy Epstein, Virginia Verified Voting  4/11/15  9:46 am
Need trustworthy technology Tom Gutnick  4/11/15  9:03 am
Only paper can be verified Peter Birk  4/11/15  7:36 am
Paper Ballots Only Please Donna Holt  4/11/15  6:30 am
WinVote (DRE) voting equipment - don't take a chance Therese Martin (individual)  4/10/15  10:11 pm
Only one way to secure vote integrity Patrick P. Murphy  4/10/15  9:11 pm
Election integrity Tram Nguyen, New Virginia Majority  4/10/15  8:23 pm
paperless voting machine Bg Kenley  4/10/15  7:33 pm
Decertify WinVote machines Monica Epstein  4/10/15  6:29 pm
Consider past experiences of localities and their proposed technical fixes Erik Johnston, Virginia Association of Counties  4/10/15  5:06 pm
DeCertify Win Vote Allen Meek  4/10/15  5:00 pm
WinVote Machine Vulnerabilities Courtney Mills, Fair Elections Legal Network  4/10/15  4:58 pm
Winvote Thomas Carothers  4/10/15  4:56 pm
Paper ballots without perforations needed Georgette Lasorso  4/10/15  2:38 pm
Please de-certify WinVote voting system Georgia Perron  4/10/15  2:27 pm
WinVote Machines Anna Scholl, ProgressVA  4/10/15  1:15 pm
Paper Ballots Only Terry Phillips  4/10/15  12:39 pm
WinVote Voting Equipment Nancy E. Tingen, City of Fairfax Deputy Registrar  4/10/15  12:20 pm
paper ballots only please! Nicholas J Gimbrone  4/10/15  12:11 pm
My Voting Rights Rachel Tellis  4/10/15  11:32 am
Verify our Vote Pamela Harms  4/10/15  11:26 am
Integrity of Our Vote is Essential Julie Emery, Virginia Civic Engagement Table  4/10/15  7:34 am
WinVote Direct Recording Electronic Voting Machines James Hull  4/9/15  10:03 pm
Agency's handling of this issue deeply troubling Charlene Bickford, Chairman, for the Arlington County Electoral Board/Staff  4/9/15  6:27 pm
WinVote Status Tammy Belinsky, on behalf of EB and General Registrar for Floyd County  4/9/15  11:05 am
Voting machines William Penniman  4/9/15  10:14 am
The security of the vote is paramount Ivy Main  4/9/15  9:13 am
Keep the Paper Stevens R. Miller  4/9/15  8:45 am
Electronic voting machines bret hillard  4/8/15  11:01 pm
Electronic Voting WinVote Carol Klein, self  4/8/15  10:16 pm
Secure the Vote/No More Funding for Win Vote Machines Leslie O'Shaughnessy  4/8/15  9:34 pm
Decertification of Win Vote voting machines in Virginia Alice Whealin  4/8/15  8:00 pm
Comments on DRE Study Renee B. Andrews  4/8/15  5:32 pm
Keep WinVote Machines! Gretchen M. Elson  4/8/15  4:46 pm
WINVOTE CERTIFICATION Paul D'Addario  4/8/15  4:33 pm
WinVote Machines Arun Raj  4/8/15  12:12 pm
It ain't broke Matt Prestone, City of Fairfax Officer of Election  4/8/15  8:50 am
Electronic Voting Machines in General Andrew Green, representing myself  4/7/15  10:21 pm
WIN System Ruth Holtzman  4/7/15  3:53 pm
WinVote system user F. Kneisel  4/7/15  3:40 pm
WinVote Voting Machines Elizabeth B. Stone, Henry County Registrar  4/6/15  5:25 pm
Decertification of WINVOTE James C. Brown, Precinct Chief, CAP, City of Fairfax  4/6/15  4:56 pm
Department of Elections Effort to Decertify WinVote Equipment Richard Herrington, Secretary, City of Fairfa Electoral Board  4/4/15  10:35 pm
RE: The Voting Equipment Audit Report Robin Lind, Chair, Goochland County Electoral Board  4/4/15  5:42 pm
Reliable means of voting Robert N. Sparbel, I represent only myself  4/4/15  6:07 am
Scantron Works Barbara Wagner  4/3/15  5:19 pm
comment J. S. Jarrett  4/3/15  4:59 pm
voting, scantron Rex Bishop  4/3/15  4:13 pm

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