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General Notice: Guidance on conversion therapy

CLOSED     Opened on 3/18/2019 and Ended on 4/17/2019

The Board is providing guidance on its interpretation of a standard of conduct in regulation that persons regulated by the Board must practice in a manner that does not endanger the public health, safety, or welfare by citing professional sources stating that practicing conversion therapy/sexual orientation change efforts with minors has the potential to be harmful and therefore could result in a finding of misconduct and disciplinary action against the licensee, certificate holder, or registrant of the Board.

To review the document, refer to Guidance Document 115-10 under the Board of Counseling.

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Conversion Therapy Bambi Shingler  3/19/19  7:20 pm
Conversion therapy is unethical practice Justin Jordan, Virginia Tech  3/19/19  7:28 pm
Ban all conversion therapy Carol Schall, Virginia Commonwealth University, Autism Center for Excellenc  3/20/19  7:06 am
Please ban conversion therapy Isabel Jane Dowrick  3/20/19  7:11 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Marlene meade  3/20/19  8:21 am
Conversion Therapy is Dangerous Marcy Walsh  3/20/19  8:30 am
Ban the erroneously named abuse known as Conversion Therapy Stephanie Malady  3/20/19  9:12 am
Conversion therapy is torture. Ban it! Jane Cornelius  3/20/19  10:46 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Julianna Williams, Virginia Tech  3/20/19  10:55 am
Conversion Therapy is Unethical Rebecca Seymour  3/20/19  11:43 am
Coversion therapy is abuse and current research shows this practice is NOT effective. Lindsay Grohowski  3/20/19  1:06 pm
"Conversion Therapy" is Threat to Virginia Minors Erik Fessler  3/20/19  3:15 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy--Bad Science and Disastrous Outcomes for All Christine Walther-Thomas  3/20/19  4:09 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Jenny Moore  3/20/19  8:31 pm
Long overdue! Susan Moore  3/20/19  9:57 pm
Sexual conversion therapy is an abhorrent and abusive practice Jennifer Oribello  3/20/19  10:29 pm
"Conversion therapy" does not work William A Harrison Jr  3/22/19  4:41 pm
Conversion Therapy is Unethical Practice Renee Staton  3/22/19  5:34 pm
ban so-called "conversion therapy," especially for minors Richard Rutherford  3/22/19  7:13 pm
conversion therapy Ralph  3/24/19  2:54 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy NOW! William Esswein  3/25/19  11:00 am
Ban conversion therapy Julie Miller  3/25/19  8:24 pm
Conversion Therapy Jamie Bennett  3/27/19  10:35 am
Re: Support for Guidance Document 115-10, on the Practice of Conversion Therapy Equality Virginia  3/28/19  11:25 am
Oppose Guidance Document Jeff Caruso, Virginia Catholic Conference  3/28/19  11:40 am
Ban Conversion Therapy! Elizabeth Surma, VCU  3/29/19  12:45 pm
Stop Conversion Therapy Sarah Deprey-Severance  3/30/19  6:06 pm
Protect vulnerable youth and end child abuse disguised as mental health treatment. Aleta E Strickland EdS, NCSP, Louisa Psychological Consulting, PC  3/31/19  2:10 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Kirsten O'Nell  4/3/19  2:16 pm
End Conversion Therapy Zachary Whitten, Virginia Commonwealth University  4/3/19  7:00 pm
Not your place! Latasha Howlett  4/6/19  9:25 am
In support of Jeff Caruso Michael Kim  4/6/19  9:52 am
Ban conversion therapy Katherine  4/6/19  5:24 pm
Ban conversion therapy Carey Mason Perkins  4/8/19  9:00 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Susan Ricci  4/8/19  10:06 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Deborah Cohen  4/9/19  10:38 am
Unlawful Prior Restraint on Speech Josh Hetzler, Legislative Counsel for The Family Foundation of Virginia  4/9/19  4:08 pm
Support for Guidance Document 125-9, on the Practice of Conversion Therapy Casey Pick, The Trevor Project  4/9/19  5:08 pm
VA Board of Counseling should not punish licensed counselors Rev. Donald Spitz  4/9/19  5:10 pm
FREEDOM IN DANGER! Mark Bowyer  4/9/19  5:11 pm
Christian counseling Judy Cook  4/9/19  5:12 pm
Don’t stop peoplw from getting the help they want William Hyde  4/9/19  5:13 pm
NO censorship: administrative regulations!!! Patricia Magyar  4/9/19  5:17 pm
freedom of conscience for counselors and safety for the families they help Stephanie Seely  4/9/19  5:22 pm
counseling gender confusion George Elliott  4/9/19  5:24 pm
Let Counselors Do Their Job Paul Perrone  4/9/19  5:29 pm
Allow clients with unwanted same sex feelings to get the help they want Marsha Johnson  4/9/19  5:31 pm
Counselors MUST be allowed to speak their option Henry Polczer  4/9/19  5:39 pm
ALLOW COUNSELING OF HOMOSEXUALS Richard W Firth  4/9/19  5:43 pm
Re: counselling young people with same-sex attractions James Ludington  4/9/19  5:47 pm
One Standard for All: Protect Choice in Dean Welty, Director, Valley Family Forum  4/9/19  5:54 pm
Do not ban nor interfere with conversion therapy JOSE COSSIO  4/9/19  5:54 pm
Counseling For Those who Do Not Want Same-Sex Attraction Dennis Smith  4/9/19  5:58 pm
One Standard for All: Protect Choice in Counselling Dean Welty,  4/9/19  6:04 pm
DON'T punish councelors for helping patients overcome unwanted feelings or desires! Everett Hines  4/9/19  6:07 pm
safe counseling Hermits of Divine Mercy  4/9/19  6:08 pm
Oppose Guidance Document That Bans Counselors From Following Their Consciences Rex Latham  4/9/19  6:09 pm
Counseling Linda E. Stowell  4/9/19  6:16 pm
Banning counseling is destructive for our children Kathy  4/9/19  6:20 pm
Unbiased Counseling Doris A. Dippel  4/9/19  6:26 pm
One Standard for counselors Richard E. Cooley  4/9/19  6:32 pm
Counselors MUST have the freedom to speak honestly with clients Jeanette Perrington  4/9/19  6:33 pm
Counselors must maintain right to work honestly and justly according to fairh Kelly M Starbuck  4/9/19  6:45 pm
Stop meddling with valid proven conversion therapy Willard Rockwell  4/9/19  6:50 pm
Equal counciling Thomas Vette  4/9/19  6:53 pm
VA Board of Counseling Proposed Regulations PUNISH and SILENCE Faith-Based Counselors!!! Abe Jacob  4/9/19  7:13 pm
Clients deserve the freedom to reject same-sex attraction by receiving counseling Matthew Hatcher  4/9/19  7:19 pm
Suppressing Faith and 1st Amendment June Meek  4/9/19  7:22 pm
Double Standard Laura Sentiger  4/9/19  7:26 pm
Allow people who don't want same sex attraction to get the counseling they need Ann Hodge  4/9/19  7:27 pm
guidance on conversion therapy Connie DesMarais  4/9/19  7:28 pm
Do not punish licensed counselors Nancy S Pendergrass, MPH, RDN  4/9/19  7:38 pm
Punishing a counselor for his "politically incorrect views" is denial of his First Amendment rights Samuel Heywood  4/9/19  7:48 pm
Interfering with licensed counselors Ellie Gudeman  4/9/19  7:52 pm
I lost a sister and a daughter to suicide. Don't threaten counselors Glyn Roberts  4/9/19  7:59 pm
Do not punish licensed counselors Jacqueline D Johnson  4/9/19  8:07 pm
Conversion Therapy -Guidance Document 115-10 Barry Oxford  4/9/19  8:09 pm
Denial of critical care Sheila Simmons  4/9/19  8:10 pm
Do Not Punish Counselors!! Velva Oliver  4/9/19  8:10 pm
Conversion Therapy Jill Maneck  4/9/19  8:21 pm
Allow Faith Based Counselors To Do Their Jobs Elizabeth  4/9/19  8:30 pm
A Ban On Conversion Therapy Can Be Harmful Erin Brewer  4/9/19  8:35 pm
Please do not censor faith-based Counselors' free speech rights Denise Lansdell  4/9/19  8:39 pm
A therapy ban is wrong, dangerous, and unconstitutional - protect counselors and patients Jonathan Clough  4/9/19  8:39 pm
It is wrong! R Seto  4/9/19  8:50 pm
Grave Liberty Concerns Isha Youhas  4/9/19  8:58 pm
Do Not Punish Faith Based Counselors John W. Lee  4/9/19  9:02 pm
Do not ban a families right to the counseling of their choice Garland Brown  4/9/19  9:16 pm
Counselors Carolyn Roberts  4/9/19  9:22 pm
Help for ALL Beth Miller  4/9/19  9:23 pm
Guidance on conversion therapy Carolyn Roberts  4/9/19  9:23 pm
Respect Professionals and protect children Edward Paul  4/9/19  9:25 pm
Conversion. Therapy Cheryl Forbes  4/9/19  9:44 pm
Mind control legislation of this kind is abhorrent. Janet Phillips  4/9/19  9:48 pm
Allow client and counselor freedom of religion Karen Cruess  4/9/19  10:27 pm
Respect Society and the Individual Ronald Quasebarth  4/9/19  10:46 pm
Children need counselors, not enablers Mick Staton  4/9/19  11:06 pm
Allow patients to get what they request of counselors, and allow counselors to serve patients. Joseph Ellena  4/9/19  11:29 pm
I support unbiased counseling Gail Flynn  4/10/19  3:23 am
Explanation for my previous comment "I support unbiased counseling" Gail Flynn  4/10/19  3:50 am
Va board of counseling/stop the harassing of counselors LaVerne Waybright  4/10/19  4:44 am
Provide freedom of conscience for patients and providers Robert Lee  4/10/19  6:38 am
Faith-Based Counselors Gordon Goetz  4/10/19  6:54 am
Sexuality Counseling Ken Zenzel  4/10/19  6:55 am
Counseling Donna Lauderdale  4/10/19  7:18 am
Allow counselors to use their professional judgment Ruth E Edens  4/10/19  7:42 am
Wisdom John Andrews  4/10/19  7:57 am
Do not punish those seeking help and those providing help Eric Hammond  4/10/19  8:24 am
Do not let activists gag counselors Al Yancey  4/10/19  8:31 am
Do not punish those seeking to help youth with gender dysphoria colleen collins, FNP-C  4/10/19  8:41 am
making it difficult for family counselors to do their jobs Pete Lepine,Registered voter & concerned citizen  4/10/19  9:08 am
Keep Free Speech in the Counselor's Office Eric Marx  4/10/19  9:09 am
Censorship of licensed counselors’ free speech rights Lisa Kyle  4/10/19  9:11 am
Sexuality Counseling Ken Zenzel  4/10/19  9:13 am
Protect Vulnerable LGBT Youth Amy Miller  4/10/19  9:31 am
Banning any counseling on unwanted same-sex attraction is unconstitutional Raymond E Grant  4/10/19  9:32 am
Conversion therapy is harmful and does not work Doyle Tate, Psychology PhD candidate at UVA  4/10/19  9:49 am
Banning any counseling on unwanted same sex attraction IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL Stephen Judy  4/10/19  9:52 am
Support this regulatory change to protect vulnerable youth. Jeff Lown, Virginia Counselors Association  4/10/19  9:58 am
Allow those in the LGBTQ community to seek the help they desire Patrick J White  4/10/19  10:25 am
Free speech is never a justification for allowing harmful medical practice Joseph P. Allen, Ph.D., Hugh P. Kelly Professor of Psychology, U. VA.  4/10/19  10:59 am
Support for the Right to Engage in Conversion Therapy Sharon Little, Southside Church  4/10/19  11:21 am
Don't Prohibit Biologically Affirming Counseling Todd Gathje, Ph.D., The Family Foundation  4/10/19  11:39 am
End this ineffective and unethical practice Alexandra Werntz, MA, University of Virginia  4/10/19  11:41 am
Counseling to help with gender dysphoria and confusion is a constitutional right to be upheld. Lynn M Kuitems  4/10/19  11:51 am
Ban All Conversion Therapy Ryan Kirkpatrick, Psychology PhD Candidate, University of Virginia  4/10/19  12:00 pm
dangerous treatments are not protected speech Audrey Wittrup, University of Virginia  4/10/19  12:02 pm
don't limit the free-speech rights of counselors Katharine Shaibani  4/10/19  12:11 pm
Ban All Conversion Therapy Andrea Negrete, Psychology PhD Candidate, University of Virginia  4/10/19  12:19 pm
harmful procedures should be banned Alida Davis, Psychology PhD Candidate, University of Virginia  4/10/19  12:32 pm
Protect minors from the cruel indignity of a discredited, unethical, disgraceful practice Deborah Hawkins, LMFT  4/10/19  12:37 pm
Conversion Therapy N. Dickon Reppucci, PhD, Professor Emeritus, University of Virginia  4/10/19  12:37 pm
ban conversion therapy melody titus  4/10/19  12:51 pm
Ban conversion therapy Sean Womack, MA, University of Virginia  4/10/19  1:12 pm
legislature to silence counselors Ronald D Ford  4/10/19  1:28 pm
Freedom of speech for counselors Carole S Denner, RN  4/10/19  1:44 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Ariana Rivens, Psychology PhD Student, University of Virginia  4/10/19  1:45 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Hyeonjin Bak  4/10/19  2:09 pm
Freedom of speech and right to seek treatment of choice Chad Palmer  4/10/19  2:15 pm
Ban conversion therapy Daniel Willingham, PhD, Dept. of Psychology, University of Virginia  4/10/19  2:27 pm
Self worth is at stake. Berlin Taylor  4/10/19  2:55 pm
Conversion therapy stongly linked to mental harm Kelly Wroblewski, Ph.D  4/10/19  2:56 pm
Gender Counseling N.J. Fitts  4/10/19  3:09 pm
Free speech laws aren't meant to protect harmful medical practices Joseph P. Allen, Ph.D., Hugh P. Kelly Professor of Psychology at U.Va.  4/10/19  4:00 pm
Same-sex attraction isn't an illness that needs to be cured. Jason Sumontha, PhD Candidate, University of Virginia  4/10/19  4:00 pm
Do not unfairly and prbably illegally punish counselors Lewis Sheckler  4/10/19  4:23 pm
Ban conversion therapy Abha Basargekar, PhD student, University of Virginia  4/10/19  4:31 pm
ban conversion therapy Virginia Student Environmental Coalition  4/10/19  4:34 pm
Prohibiting “conversion counseling” is Bias against Christian Counselors and their clients Sharon Watkins BSN RN MA  4/10/19  5:00 pm
Ban the unethical practice of conversion therapy Diane-Jo Bart-Plange, Psychology PhD student  4/10/19  5:04 pm
Freedom to Counsel the children in what ever help they need . Janie Blomquist  4/10/19  5:36 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Alexis Stanton, MPH, Psychology PhD Student, University of Virginia  4/10/19  6:27 pm
No Gay Gene: The largest study ever done by Andrea Ganna in “science” Rickie Carter  4/10/19  8:21 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Charlie Narr Ebersole, PhD Candidate, University of Virginia  4/10/19  9:52 pm
Conversion Therapy is Harmful, Ineffective, Unethical, and Irresponsible Meghan Costello, Clinical Psychology PhD Student, University of Virginia  4/10/19  10:19 pm
Conversion therapy fails at all a mathematical level, a biological level, and a moral level Robert G. Moulder, Psychology PhD Candidate, University of Virginia  4/11/19  12:23 am
General Notice Comment Bambi Shingler  4/11/19  5:30 am
Conversion “therapy” is harmful and cannot be presented as a viable therapeutic option! Meret S. Hofer, M.A., PhD Candidate, University of Virginia  4/11/19  9:18 am
Freedom to get and give gender counseling Sara Rowekamp  4/11/19  9:52 am
Harmful and devoid of compassion Jeffrey Lieberman  4/11/19  10:14 am
Unethical, Unmoral, and Damaging Jake Oster, High School Science Teacher  4/11/19  10:46 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Charles Shepard, LPC, NCC, President-elect Central Valley Counselors Assoc.  4/11/19  10:55 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Stewart Nafziger  4/11/19  11:20 am
Stop imposing restrictions on free speech Alana Johnson  4/11/19  11:21 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Jensen Wohlgemuth  4/11/19  12:02 pm
Conversion Therapy Jennifer Elgart  4/11/19  12:08 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Tucker Rankin  4/11/19  12:08 pm
Ban conversion therapy Lia Derdeyn  4/11/19  12:08 pm
Conversion Therapy Is Harmful to Minors Catherina Hurlburt  4/11/19  12:10 pm
Conversion Therapy Is Harmful to Minors Catherina Hurlburt  4/11/19  12:11 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Ethan Sylvia, Virginia Student  4/11/19  12:15 pm
Conversion therapy Shannon Mullins  4/11/19  12:16 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Peter J Braun  4/11/19  12:16 pm
Conversion Therapy Does More Harm Than Good Tiffany Goodman  4/11/19  12:23 pm
Ban conversion therapy Shirley Carley, Free Mom Hugs, Va  4/11/19  12:31 pm
Mideval and Meritless Shannon Mullins  4/11/19  12:43 pm
Conversion therapy destroys families Joshua England  4/11/19  1:12 pm
Dangerous and manipulative therapies must stop Emily Sproul, Shenandoah LGBTQ Center  4/11/19  1:17 pm
Ban unethical and harmful conversion therapy! Elizabeth Rinaldi  4/11/19  1:17 pm
It's unethical and harms the child. Elijah Baadte  4/11/19  1:38 pm
conversion therapy is helpful Mary Ann Suddarth  4/11/19  2:12 pm
Conversion therapy is incredibly dangerous and goes against the ethics of the counseling profession! Victoria Mauer, PhD Candidate, University of Virginia  4/11/19  2:24 pm
There is no place for conversation therapy in modern society, it should have been banned long ago! Catherine Burgess  4/11/19  2:28 pm
Sexual orientation is not persistent in children, they should be able to receive therapy Keith Arthurs  4/11/19  3:02 pm
Conversion Therapy is dangerous and should be banned. Persons practicing Conversion Therapy should l Berkley Holston, Central VirginiaCounseling  4/11/19  4:48 pm
Ban conversion therapy Rebecca Brown  4/11/19  4:54 pm
Ban conversion therapy Paige Long  4/11/19  4:56 pm
Stop calling it "therapy." Steven Milgrim, Milgrim & Associates, P.C.  4/11/19  4:58 pm
Ban Conversion therapy. Stephanie W Crowe, LPC, INC  4/11/19  4:59 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Erin Mahone, #IfYouCouldSeeMe  4/11/19  5:01 pm
Ban Conversion "therapy" Dr. David Julius Ford, Jr.  4/11/19  5:01 pm
Ban conversion therapy! Katelyn Kiley, Resident in Counseling  4/11/19  5:02 pm
Conversion Therapy Darlene Vaughn, MT Rogers CSB  4/11/19  5:02 pm
How are we defining conversion therapy? Audra Mrini  4/11/19  5:11 pm
Conversion therapy is detrimental Oliver  4/11/19  5:14 pm
Caution -- a ban could be unconstitutional Marie Paddock, LPC  4/11/19  5:19 pm
"Conversion Therapy" not supported by empirical evidence, and causes significant harm Christine Reid  4/11/19  5:25 pm
Ban coversion "therapy" Elizabeth Hatchuel, PhD, LPC  4/11/19  5:26 pm
Ban this harmful practice ! Tammie Taylor  4/11/19  5:40 pm
Conversion Therapy Susanne Oshry  4/11/19  5:51 pm
Ban conversion therapy! Sharon Brammer  4/11/19  6:10 pm
No to conversion! It is a personal choice, not our choice. ASHLEY TERRY  4/11/19  6:14 pm
Conversion Therapy... NO Jessica Johnson  4/11/19  7:12 pm
Conversion therapy is dangerous, and it doesn't belong in our discipline Liz Signorelli Moore, LPC LSATP  4/11/19  7:15 pm
No more conversion therapy Alexis Dovel, MSW  4/11/19  7:15 pm
Conversion Therapy is Dangerous John Bernadyn, MS  4/11/19  7:43 pm
Conversion (Therapy) Torture Amy Cannon  4/11/19  7:45 pm
Ban conversion therapy Kevin Doyle  4/11/19  8:19 pm
No to Conversion "therapy" Ashley Laws  4/11/19  8:24 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Caroline Thomas  4/11/19  9:03 pm
Ban Conversion “therapy” Karen Painter  4/11/19  9:10 pm
Conversion Therapy Does Harm John L. Ehlers, III, M.A., LPC, NCC  4/11/19  9:46 pm
Conversion "Therapy " is Not Ethical Amanda G. Francis M.Ed/Ed.S LPC  4/11/19  10:39 pm
Conversion Therapy is At Best Redundant, and At Worst Traumatic Stephanie Miller  4/11/19  10:46 pm
Conversion therapy is harmful Connie Honsinger  4/11/19  10:53 pm
A question of ethics Traci Jones, Ph. D. Candidate, RPRS  4/12/19  3:36 am
Conversion Therapy Okey Nwokolo, Virginia Tech  4/12/19  5:00 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Kathleen McCleskey  4/12/19  9:15 am
Conversion therapy is not therapy. Protect the Commonwealth. Jennifer Lassiter  4/12/19  9:16 am
Conversion Therapy is the best, safest & most effective type of therapy as it frees the patient J.Mercedes Dominguez  4/12/19  9:18 am
Conversion Therapy Ramsay Cogen  4/12/19  9:50 am
Ban conversion “therapy” Allison Ober, George Mason University  4/12/19  9:54 am
Conversion Therapy Jillian Strand  4/12/19  10:24 am
Conversion Therapy is harmful- sexuality is not something to change Maggie Parker  4/12/19  10:26 am
End Conversion Therapy Sarah Horowitz  4/12/19  10:34 am
not a freedom of speech issue Amy Jindra  4/12/19  11:05 am
Conversion "Therapy" and Youth Matthew R Lord, M.Ed., NCC, NCSC  4/12/19  11:15 am
Non-ethical, not evidence-based, abhorrent practice Traci Terry, MS, LPC  4/12/19  11:21 am
Conversion therapy is baseless Travis N Terry  4/12/19  11:28 am
Ban conversion therapy John Butler  4/12/19  11:31 am
Ban conversion therapy: protect LGBTQ Virginians Rocky Parker  4/12/19  11:32 am
Conversion Therapy is a deplorable, senseless act of harm Colin Cross  4/12/19  11:33 am
Please produce evidence based articles pro or con on the issue of conversion therapy Thomas Parker, Arkansas Retired Teachers Association  4/12/19  12:06 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Suzan Thompson, Ph.D., LPC  4/12/19  12:14 pm
Licensed counselors Mary Kidwell  4/12/19  12:33 pm
Don't Prohibit Counseling Options - No Double Standard! E. R. Higgins  4/12/19  1:20 pm
Ban Dina  4/12/19  2:41 pm
Ban conversion therapy Anna Loftis, LSW  4/12/19  2:59 pm
Ban reparative therapy Concetta Fiorito  4/12/19  3:22 pm
Do not interfere with counselors Ann Niermeyer  4/12/19  3:22 pm
Ban conversion therapy Deanne White  4/12/19  3:24 pm
Do not limit counseling options Therese Bermpohl  4/12/19  3:33 pm
Ban conversion therapy Dan Curtin  4/12/19  3:37 pm
Protect parental rights and religious freedom in counseling Emily Macedonia  4/12/19  3:37 pm
Don't ban counseling; don't do an end run around voters' wishes Joanne W  4/12/19  3:38 pm
Do not ban reparative therapy. Protect religious freedom. Morgan Taylor  4/12/19  3:43 pm
Protect parental rights and religious freedom in counseling Craig Mays  4/12/19  3:48 pm
Therapy Juan Velasquez  4/12/19  3:50 pm
Conversion Therapy Leo Titus Sr.  4/12/19  3:54 pm
Reparative Therapy Regulation Destroys Parental Rights and Religious Freedom Dennis Huyck  4/12/19  4:01 pm
conversion therapy - in favor of NL  4/12/19  4:02 pm
"Conversion" Therapy John Adams  4/12/19  4:12 pm
Protect Parental Rights from Government Overreach Irene Maria DiSanto  4/12/19  4:21 pm
Conversion Therapy William Heipp, private citizen  4/12/19  4:25 pm
Protect the freedom of Virginia families to acquire the counseling they choose. Barbara H. Massey, private citizen  4/12/19  4:34 pm
Conversion Therapy Pedro L Capestany Sr  4/12/19  4:35 pm
Conversation Therapy Micah Cogen  4/12/19  4:39 pm
Conversion Therapy Gary May  4/12/19  4:50 pm
Do NOT Limit Counseling Options Fr. Stephen Vaccaro  4/12/19  4:52 pm
Allow a voice, give people a choice Julie Maimone  4/12/19  4:53 pm
Why ban specific therapy option? Carolynn Nguyen  4/12/19  4:58 pm
Reparative Therapy Should be Available to Parents and Others in the Commonwealth Thomas McCabe  4/12/19  5:00 pm
No Ban Daniel Kirkland  4/12/19  5:00 pm
Please do not limit parental options Pam Heminger  4/12/19  5:03 pm
Do not limit parental rights David A Curcio  4/12/19  5:17 pm
Don't take away the paren's fundamental rights guarranteed by Virginia Law William Deady  4/12/19  5:24 pm
Please do not ban Aileen Uy  4/12/19  5:26 pm
Parents need all medical options for their children Darcy McCabe  4/12/19  5:34 pm
Counseling Guidelines Barbara Herath  4/12/19  5:49 pm
Conversion Therapy Patricia McGrath  4/12/19  6:10 pm
protect the freedom of Virginia families to acquire the counseling they choose. A Wilkinson  4/12/19  6:20 pm
Protect the freedom of Virginia families to acquire the counseling they choose Redmond Merrell  4/12/19  6:21 pm
wrongheaded ban on reparative therapy Stephanie Seely  4/12/19  6:38 pm
We oppose a ban on Reparative Therapy Mary Cannarella  4/12/19  6:47 pm
Counseling’s Cynthia Cook  4/12/19  7:06 pm
Freedom of counseling Pam Bishop  4/12/19  7:13 pm
Protect Fundamental Parental Right to Make Decisions Regarding Upbringing & Education of Their Child Marianne Schoener  4/12/19  7:27 pm
No Ban Patrice Chadbourne  4/12/19  7:44 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy JEANNE VAN GEMERT, LPC  4/12/19  7:51 pm
Guidance on Reparative Therapy Laurea DiJoseph, retired from Georgetown U  4/12/19  7:51 pm
No ban Zac White  4/12/19  7:58 pm
No ban, yes freedom Helen Dickey  4/12/19  8:18 pm
Do not ban reparative or “conversion” therapy to children JEREMY PETER GREINER  4/12/19  8:23 pm
Protect parental rights and religious freedom in counseling Leanne S.  4/12/19  8:37 pm
No Ban M. Switzer  4/12/19  8:47 pm
Do not ban reparative therapy Dawn Beutner  4/12/19  9:00 pm
Don’t limit therapy choices Chris Bowers  4/12/19  9:05 pm
Parental Rights - 1st Amendment - Religious Freedom: DO NOT BAN OUR FREEDOM!!! D Blomberg  4/12/19  9:10 pm
Be Kind and Merciful Jeffrey Datt  4/12/19  9:13 pm
Parental rights must be preserved. Loren Wilee  4/12/19  9:23 pm
Parental rights Elizabeth verbano  4/12/19  9:36 pm
No ban on therapy options for family life options Mary Ziegenfuss, M. S. Ed.  4/12/19  10:04 pm
A child needs the parents' guidance. Elaine Landry, OLN parish, Roanoke, VA  4/12/19  10:37 pm
Reparative Therapy; no ban Sally  4/12/19  10:49 pm
Please no ban. You will destroy the best chance some people have for happiness. Will Addison  4/12/19  10:54 pm
Conversion therapy must be banned Elizabeth Matthews  4/12/19  11:25 pm
Ban on counseling of children Marvin Weniger  4/12/19  11:34 pm
No ban Barbara Firich  4/13/19  2:17 am
Don't Ban Patient Options David C. Ptak  4/13/19  4:25 am
Do not ban this option Elizabeth Moak  4/13/19  5:37 am
The state has no right to interfere...Conversion Therapy Kathy Roper  4/13/19  7:20 am
This is something that I think parents should have as an option for their children. Emily  4/13/19  7:35 am
Conversion Therapy, a Suicide Risk Farrah Briest  4/13/19  7:52 am
Parents should have the right to choose Beth Martini  4/13/19  9:02 am
No ban on raising Godly children Mike O’Neill  4/13/19  9:19 am
counseling regulations larry zenker  4/13/19  9:36 am
Do not ban conversion therapy. People, young people need choices. Their rights are to be protected. Julia Hecton  4/13/19  9:50 am
GENDER IDENTIFY Thomas & Lola Landvogt  4/13/19  10:02 am
No ban! Mark C. Brandt  4/13/19  10:07 am
Freedom of cghoice for Clients Ann L. Petrie, Ph.D.  4/13/19  10:29 am
No ban on reparative therapy John H. Sturniolo  4/13/19  10:39 am
No ban on reparative therapy Richard M. Durand Jr.  4/13/19  10:48 am
Don't mess with my rights !!! Hugh E. McGuire, Jr.  4/13/19  11:01 am
"Conversion Therapy" undefined. Ban violates ACA Code of Ethics Rita Wasilewski  4/13/19  11:16 am
persons ARE NOT their attractions, do not limit counselor speech Laura O’Neill  4/13/19  11:24 am
Our Rights Are Being Eroded Slowly But Surely Warren Corson  4/13/19  12:31 pm
Counseling DJ Potter  4/13/19  12:44 pm
Protect parental rights and religious freedom. No ban Marilyn ODonnell  4/13/19  1:02 pm
Oppose Banning Reparative Therapy Richard L. Corrigan, Private Citizen  4/13/19  1:13 pm
Conversion therapy is harmful and should be banned Emily King  4/13/19  1:38 pm
Conversion therapy Anne Kelly  4/13/19  2:40 pm
Support Ban - Evidence Show Conversion Therapy is Dangerous Amie Manis, PhD, LPC  4/13/19  2:56 pm
Proposed Ban on Conversion Therapy Roger, Mary & Jonathan Ritter  4/13/19  3:01 pm
Proposed Ban on Reparative Therapy D. Rice  4/13/19  3:26 pm
Please - NO Ban on Reparative Therapy Deacon Tom Grodek  4/13/19  5:03 pm
No ban on licensed professionals providing reparative therapy to children Sue Huber  4/13/19  5:17 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Camila  4/13/19  5:26 pm
The Evidence is Clear - "Conversion Therapy" is Dangerous. Please Ban! Dawn Murray, MEd, MAEd  4/13/19  7:42 pm
Do not ban raparative therapy Jane Peworchik  4/13/19  7:47 pm
Keep Therapy Equality in Virginia, Freedom of Choice in Counseling National Task Force for Therapy Equality  4/13/19  8:00 pm
Regulating Therapy for Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions and Gender Identity Conflicts Discriminates Christopher Doyle, Institute for Healthy Families  4/13/19  8:33 pm
Do not ban any choice C. Randolph Hyhde  4/13/19  8:44 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Virginia Counselors Association  4/13/19  9:06 pm
Conversion Therapy Bibiana Quiambao  4/13/19  10:06 pm
Reparative therapies are client choices Ed McCoy  4/13/19  10:45 pm
Ban conversion therapy at least for children Nathaniel Preston  4/14/19  8:33 am
Do not ban reparative therapy Thomas Palumbo  4/14/19  8:49 am
Conversion Therapy Ban Carole Gibson  4/14/19  8:55 am
Conversion therapy needs to be banned Waseem Amin  4/14/19  10:42 am
There is no basis for a ban Stephen Hertz  4/14/19  11:40 am
Oppose the Board of Counseling's Proposed Regulatory Ban S. Klose  4/14/19  11:50 am
Ban Mo  4/14/19  2:09 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy for State-Licensed Mental Health Providers Dr. Lanice Avery, Professor of Psychology, University of Virginia  4/14/19  2:15 pm
Banning Reparative Terapy for Children Ronald McKinley  4/14/19  3:17 pm
Conversion therapy is NOT anyone’s choice Snowa Chernor  4/14/19  4:16 pm
Ban Conversion Therapies Lucie Fielding, MA  4/14/19  4:18 pm
Do not ban conversion therapy S.Muir  4/14/19  4:40 pm
Proposed Ban on Repairative Therapy James Van de Voorde  4/14/19  4:41 pm
Ban this therapy... M. A. Paxton  4/14/19  4:45 pm
Ban! Sylvia Clifton  4/14/19  5:06 pm
Help people. Especially when they ask. Roger Fortney  4/14/19  5:20 pm
Therapy choice regarding minors' gender identity Anita Dean  4/14/19  5:25 pm
Reparative Therapy Richard Dunbar  4/14/19  5:56 pm
What a sad day Myriam Arroyo  4/14/19  6:13 pm
Unscrupulous things shouldn’t be condoned. Marwa  4/14/19  6:51 pm
Support Ban of Conversion Therapy Rachel Regal  4/14/19  7:09 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Nessalyn Dearce  4/14/19  7:19 pm
Conversion therapy has high potential to cause harm Bethany Teachman, Professor of Psychology, University of Virginia  4/14/19  8:33 pm
Conversion therapy Nancy Jaminet  4/14/19  9:35 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Bridget Kelley-Dearing  4/14/19  10:31 pm
This ban violates freedom to practice one’s faith/religion EG  4/14/19  11:39 pm
Please ban this cruel, inhumane conversion therapy! Susan Marusco  4/15/19  9:25 am
Please do not ban conversion therapy Patrick Lowry  4/15/19  9:36 am
Support of Ban Nicole Torres  4/15/19  9:42 am
Do not restrict freedom Sharon Landrum  4/15/19  9:46 am
This is nothing but a political correct attempt at seeking voters. Why is conversion in One Directio Joanne Holden  4/15/19  9:53 am
Conversion Therapy Julia Peters  4/15/19  9:54 am
This is nothing but a political correct attempt at seeking voters. Why is conversion in One Directio Joanne Holden  4/15/19  9:56 am
Side by Side Supports a Ban on "Conversion Therapy" Ted Lewis, Side by Side Va, Inc.  4/15/19  11:51 am
Ban reparative and conversion therapy! Ken & Kathy Fredgren  4/15/19  11:58 am
Voluntary speech is not "unsafe." Banning it is unconstitutional. Mary Louise Serafine, Ph.D., J.D.  4/15/19  12:00 pm
Please do not ban conversion therapy. Mary Wentzel  4/15/19  5:24 pm
conversion therapy is dangerous Rachel Sidlauskas, MS  4/15/19  6:37 pm
Oppose ban Madeline Malarkey  4/15/19  8:28 pm
Conversion “therapy” is unethical and harmful Sarah Shade, M.Ed., Resident in Counseling  4/15/19  8:35 pm
Reparative Therapy Edward K. Miller  4/15/19  10:08 pm
Twofold Support of this Document Adam Trimmer, Born Perfect  4/16/19  12:34 am
against prohibiting conversion therapy Donald Schwab  4/16/19  8:10 am
We need conversion therapy for gender confused kids! Suzanne Guilfoyle  4/16/19  8:16 am
Protect parental rights and religious freedom in counseling John Przybysz  4/16/19  8:18 am
No to conversion therapy for child under 18 without parent consent joyce smith  4/16/19  8:19 am
Do Not Ban Conversion Therapy Patricia Capps  4/16/19  8:20 am
Parents should have the freedom of choice in counseling their children! Kathleen Coady  4/16/19  8:24 am
Protect parental rights and religious freedom in counseling James Tubbs,  4/16/19  8:31 am
Young people need a choice - No Ban Dr. Joseph Pellegrino  4/16/19  8:33 am
parental rights, religious freedom, Todd White  4/16/19  8:35 am
Conversion therapy should not be forced on anyone. Forcing someone against their will is abuse Danielle  4/16/19  8:38 am
Ban conversion therapy Dewey G. Cornell, University of Virginia  4/16/19  8:42 am
Protect parental rights Sarah Fortunato  4/16/19  8:43 am
Ban Conversion Therapy for State-Licensed Mental Health Providers William R Watts  4/16/19  8:45 am
Conversion therapy Jack Norris  4/16/19  8:52 am
Do not ban Christina Maria Mac Cabe  4/16/19  8:52 am
Protect parents' rights to protect and care for all of their children's needs DIANA SNIDER  4/16/19  8:57 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Caitlyn Largent  4/16/19  8:59 am
Protect parental rights Samantha Rainaldi  4/16/19  9:04 am
Do NOT Ban Reparative/Conversion Therapy Susan Bond  4/16/19  9:05 am
Oppose the Ban on Reparative Therapy Kevin Streit  4/16/19  9:06 am
Proposed ban on reparative therapy M. Breighner  4/16/19  9:09 am
Of course this is up to the parents and kids Chris Russo  4/16/19  9:10 am
Ban conversion therapy Ernest Kidd  4/16/19  9:10 am
It depends Gregory Thompson  4/16/19  9:16 am
Do not ban! Protect freedom of choice Anonymous (71443)  4/16/19  9:19 am
Freedom of Religion Daniel Rowan  4/16/19  9:19 am
Do Not Impose Totalitarian Restrictions on Parents and Counselors Hugh Owen  4/16/19  9:20 am
Conversion therapy must NOT be banned Joanne Summers  4/16/19  9:25 am
This would limit religious freedom Anonymous (71447)  4/16/19  9:25 am
Let the therapist do their job without ban Katherine Rings  4/16/19  9:28 am
Conversion Therapy James K Disney  4/16/19  9:37 am
Ban on conversion therapy Teresa Donohue  4/16/19  9:39 am
Support Conversion Therapy Ban - It is a dangerous practice Lindsay Kozachuk  4/16/19  9:40 am
Please do not impose your personal preferences on parents and their children. David McCarthy  4/16/19  9:43 am
No Ban on Reparative Therapy Joanne Seale  4/16/19  10:01 am
Do Not Ban! Protect Choice! Kelsey  4/16/19  10:04 am
Conversion Therapy Sandra-Joy K. Gray, PhD, LPC,LMFT  4/16/19  10:13 am
Protect Parental Freedom | NO BAN Father Dan Beeman  4/16/19  10:14 am
Yes to Conversion Therapy-protect Freedom and Parental Rights Susan Pauli  4/16/19  10:23 am
NO BAN! Kevin Bohli  4/16/19  10:32 am
DO NOT BAN! Pam Watkins  4/16/19  10:37 am
I support the Ban on Conversion Therapy Patty Mathison, George Mason University  4/16/19  10:41 am
Do Not Intervene in Family Matters William  4/16/19  10:42 am
Let doctors do their job and parents raise their children DO NOT BAN CONVERSION THERAPY Mr. Garcia  4/16/19  10:49 am
Guidance Regarding Conversion Therapy Dcn. William Pivarnik  4/16/19  11:06 am
Reparative Therapy Proposed Ban Catherine A. McClure  4/16/19  11:07 am
Do not ban reparative or “conversion” therapy! Protect freedom of families to choose counseling! Marianne Mazzatenta  4/16/19  11:12 am
too much governmetn interference bob  4/16/19  11:18 am
Protect Parents' Rights John Kehler  4/16/19  11:23 am
Do not ban Austin Farinholt  4/16/19  11:25 am
Objection to Proposal Paul Kane  4/16/19  11:42 am
No ban; if people can change gender, they should be able to change preferences, too J Campbell  4/16/19  11:48 am
Protect parents rights Ba Catholic conference  4/16/19  12:05 pm
opposed to banning reparative therapy for children John McMahon  4/16/19  12:09 pm
Do not ban. Melissa Wysocki  4/16/19  12:12 pm
Ban Conversion Mary  4/16/19  12:17 pm
Please Ban Conversion Therapy Joanne E Lynch  4/16/19  12:38 pm
Conversion Therapy controversy!! chuck Boyer  4/16/19  12:43 pm
asdf Bernie Marx  4/16/19  1:05 pm
asdf Bernie Marx  4/16/19  1:06 pm
reparative or “conversion” therapy to children John Mosticone  4/16/19  1:37 pm
Conversion Therapy Proposal Jim and Ruth Franconeri  4/16/19  1:46 pm
BAN CONVERTION THERAPY. My personal story Jay Corprew  4/16/19  1:46 pm
Protect parents’ rights and those needing help! Mary Sidhu  4/16/19  1:46 pm
Conversion therapy Ann Smith  4/16/19  1:48 pm
Parental rights and religious freedom Ann Smith  4/16/19  1:50 pm
DO NOT BAN! Paula Madigan  4/16/19  1:50 pm
Do NOT Ban Conversion Therapy Peter Ingerick  4/16/19  2:00 pm
Stand Against this Ban Hilary Towers, Developmental Psychologist  4/16/19  2:17 pm
Please! Samuel Sarmiento  4/16/19  2:22 pm
Conversion Therapy Causes Trauma Rev. Robin Anderson, Commonwealth Baptist Church  4/16/19  2:29 pm
Support the Ban of Conversion Therapy Aliza Weiss  4/16/19  2:32 pm
Do not circumvent the will of the people Philip Glass  4/16/19  2:38 pm
Guidance on conversion therapy James Eck  4/16/19  2:50 pm
Do not ban Conversion Therapy Joseph Osborne  4/16/19  3:08 pm
Do not ban! Virginia cavender  4/16/19  3:20 pm
Do not ban options for parents Phillip R. McDonald  4/16/19  3:28 pm
End the practice of conversion therapy Laura Farmer, Ph.D., Licensed Professional Counselor  4/16/19  3:31 pm
Reparative Therapy Thomas J Duncan  4/16/19  3:33 pm
addendum to my first comment Hilary Towers  4/16/19  3:43 pm
Do not ban reparative therapy Sharon Allen  4/16/19  3:49 pm
Reject the ban on reparative therapy. Pamela H Wilgus  4/16/19  3:56 pm
counseling TD  4/16/19  4:01 pm
Do Not Ban ban licensed professionals from providing reparative or “conversion” therapy to children Christopher Martini  4/16/19  4:04 pm
Ban conversion therapy Kellie Sanders, resident in counseling  4/16/19  4:06 pm
Government Intrusion has to stop. Lucy Klaus, Ministry for Life, St. Theresa Catholic Curch  4/16/19  4:09 pm
End the Inhumane Torture of LGBTQ+ Youth Kenny Boddye, Boddye for Supervisor  4/16/19  4:18 pm
Ban this Sarah Morales  4/16/19  4:28 pm
Confused, troubled children and adults need faith based guidance FPT  4/16/19  4:48 pm
Please do not deny individuals the religious freedom to seek counseling aligned with their faith B. Bashista  4/16/19  4:55 pm
Please ban so-called “conversion therapy" for those under 18 Jay Timmons  4/16/19  5:00 pm
End this assault on freedom of religion and the right of parents to raise children as they choose! GEORGE GOUNLEY  4/16/19  5:43 pm
It’s up to the parents. Jessie Z.  4/16/19  6:10 pm
Do NOT ban conversion therapy Mary Yasenchak  4/16/19  6:12 pm
Conversation therapy Gregory Robinson  4/16/19  6:34 pm
Please do not deny individuals the religious freedom to seek counseling aligned with their faith M. G.  4/16/19  6:57 pm
Freedom to get help and make a change Rev. Moffatt  4/16/19  7:39 pm
You would be taking away the right and responsibility of a parent. Don't do it! Dan Yasenchak  4/16/19  8:07 pm
Do Not Ban Conversion Therapy Karen B.  4/16/19  8:42 pm
Preserve Parental and Religious Rights, Do Not Ban Conversion Therapy Stephen Long  4/16/19  9:08 pm
Do not ban conversion therapy Lana Schexnader, M.E.V.  4/16/19  9:42 pm
Do not ban the conversion therapy. Anna Pham  4/16/19  9:42 pm
Do not ban reparative or “conversion” therapy Shawn McGowan  4/16/19  10:08 pm
Regulatory Ban on Conversion Therapy Edward S. White  4/16/19  10:10 pm
Conversion Therapy is a protected Right Shawn Marshall  4/16/19  10:41 pm
Protect parental rights and our religious freedom Felicia D.  4/16/19  10:43 pm
Ban conversion therapy E. Saxe  4/16/19  10:45 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Eli Ott, Concerned Citizen  4/16/19  10:55 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy for Minors Emily Outzen  4/16/19  11:15 pm
You must not try to illicitly override our General Assembly by regulations contrary to the assembly Saint Francis of Assisi Care for the poor  4/16/19  11:25 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Tyler Thompson  4/16/19  11:28 pm
Protect Minors from Conversion Therapy Rev. Marty Anderson, Commonwealth Baptist Church  4/16/19  11:30 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Tomn Wisnowski  4/16/19  11:47 pm
Protect the freedom of VA families to acquire the counseling they choose Peggy Palizzi  4/16/19  11:56 pm
Conversion therapy is toxic Noelle Hurd, UVA  4/17/19  12:35 am
Protect parental rights Angela O'Connor  4/17/19  12:45 am
Protect familial rights - Do NOT ban D W Bain  4/17/19  4:10 am
Do not ban licensed professionals from providing reparative or "conversion" therapy to children A Francis Guidarelli  4/17/19  5:38 am
Ban It. Astrophel  4/17/19  5:39 am
Guidance on conversion therapy Jerome Bergfeld  4/17/19  6:11 am

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