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General Notice: Regulations to implement HB793

CLOSED     Opened on 4/15/2018 and Ended on 5/4/2018

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Comment Title Commenter
NP independent practice time requirement Raschid Ghoorahoo FNP-BC, NP-C  4/16/18  10:27 am
How is attestation done Carolyn Friedman  4/17/18  6:58 pm
HB 793 Regulations Cynthia M Fagan  4/17/18  8:54 pm
Support of HB 793 University of Vrigina  4/18/18  7:10 am
No evidence for "Transition to practice" Stacey Lambour  4/18/18  12:57 pm
Support for full practice authority for NPs Linda Thurby-Hay, President of VaCNS  4/18/18  5:47 pm
NP independent practice attestation Sandra Hearn Eastern Shore Rural Health System, Inc  4/21/18  9:19 am
Attestation by NP only Carolyn Friedman  4/23/18  8:11 am
Transition to practice for NPs Kathleen LaSala  4/23/18  11:40 am
Five year tranision to practice is a barrier to care Carolyn Rutledge, Old Dominion University  4/23/18  5:47 pm
Support of Bill Olde Towne Medical & Dental Center  4/24/18  10:41 am
Attestation to Practice Marsha Stonehill, MSN, PMHNP/CNS, BC  4/24/18  1:20 pm
Nurse Practitioner Education Julie Sanford, James Madison University  4/24/18  4:47 pm
Proposed Regulations Jessica Ruff, FNP-C; VCNP GR committee member  4/25/18  9:39 am
HB 793 Marie I. Goodwin, FNP-C  4/25/18  1:54 pm
HB 793 Barbara G. Schimming  4/25/18  7:34 pm
Collaborative consultant team APN's, MDs, DOs Rebecca Castellanos, DrNP, APN  4/25/18  9:48 pm
Proposed Independent Practice Bill Melissa Bond, BSN, RN, James Madison University  4/26/18  10:23 am
HB 793 Shelly Smith  4/26/18  12:29 pm
New Law Governing Nurse Practitioners Rachel Brandon Sears, RN (BS GMU Fairfax)  4/26/18  2:45 pm
Website with information concerning a NP license that was expired way back in 2000 and not renewed Ann McTernan  4/26/18  8:04 pm
Promulgation of regulations to implement HB793 Joseph G. Lynch LCSW, Virginia Society for Clinical Social Work  4/26/18  10:53 pm
HB793 Ameanthea Blanco-Knezovich  5/1/18  5:07 pm
HB793 Ann Ball, FNP-BC  5/1/18  5:24 pm
HB 793 barriers in rural areas Theresa G. Long DNP  5/1/18  10:01 pm
HB 793 Patricia Porter ADAMS, ANP, LLC  5/1/18  10:20 pm
HB 793 Sreeja Manoj, Anthem CareMore  5/1/18  11:09 pm
HB793 Rosie Taylor-Lewis, DNP, ANP-BC, GNP, PMHNP student RU; APD DNP SUO  5/2/18  12:54 am
HB 793 Rhonda Arthur  5/2/18  6:57 am
HB 793 Kristin Andrs, NP, Andrs Wellness Consulting, LLC  5/2/18  10:14 am
common-sense policy Amanda Whitney, BSN, RN-BC  5/2/18  10:27 am
HB793 Sharon Zook, James Madison University  5/2/18  12:23 pm
HP793 Karen Hill, FNP-C  5/2/18  1:10 pm
Attestation issues/concerns Jennifer Fellman DNP, FNP-C  5/2/18  2:47 pm
Five year full time equivalence period is too long Karen Karlowicz, Old Dominion University  5/2/18  4:27 pm
attestation Kimberly Marshall, AG-ACNP  5/2/18  7:17 pm
Nurse practitioners Nancy Nicolson, RN, MSN, ANP-BC  5/2/18  9:39 pm
HB793 Regulations, Comments Phyllis C Everett, NP-C, Sapient Health Services, PLLC  5/2/18  10:45 pm
HB793 Lydia D. Shelton  5/3/18  5:59 am
HB 793 Moniqueia Flint  5/3/18  7:06 am
HB 793 Proposed Regulations American Association of Nurse Practitioners  5/3/18  10:50 am
HB793 / Burden of Proof / Expense Norman M Jacobowitz, PMHNP-BC  5/3/18  12:45 pm
Dear Sir/Madam: Laura Brooks, NP-C  5/3/18  1:28 pm
HB 793 Comment Laura Brooks, NP-C  5/3/18  1:45 pm
HB 793 Jeff Petraco, NP Student  5/3/18  2:12 pm
Seamless Transition Paula Hill, Clinical Director at The Health Wagon  5/3/18  2:16 pm
HB793 Jennifer H. Matthews, PhD, RN, CNS, FAAN; Shenandoah University, Winchester  5/3/18  2:41 pm
HB 793 Bridgette Keene NP student  5/3/18  9:27 pm
HB793 comment Mary Duggan MS ACNP-BC FAANP  5/3/18  10:34 pm
HB793 Zita Buky, MSN, FNPc Physicals Plus  5/4/18  9:10 am
HB 793 Kathleen Forst Putnam, PhD, WHNP-BC, CAPT, USNR- retired  5/4/18  9:44 am
Adoption of regulations for HB793 Jennifer Shakesby McAdoo  5/4/18  10:26 am
Recommendations for implementation of HB793 Brittany K HInes  5/4/18  10:36 am
H793 regulations Seeba george RN,MSN FNP-C  5/4/18  11:11 am
HB 793 Angela M. Allen  5/4/18  12:46 pm
Keep the intent of HB 793 transition to practice as streamline as possible Valerie Wrobel, MSN, RN, AGNP-BC President, VCNP Northern Region  5/4/18  3:08 pm
Promulgation of Regulations for HB793 Carole Everhart, DNP  5/4/18  3:13 pm
HB793 Kathleen Tauer  5/4/18  8:42 pm
Responses to Proposed Regulations for HB 793 William Sachau, NP-C, Dept. of Veterans Affairs Medical Center  5/4/18  9:38 pm

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