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General Notice: Closed-Book Exams

CLOSED     Opened on 4/1/2024 and Ended on 5/1/2024

The Board for Waste Management Facility Operators is soliciting feedback regarding the current policy of offering closed-book exams.

Specifically, the Board would like feedback as follows:

  1. Individuals that have taken the closed-book exam: provide details pertaining to your individual experience in taking the exam and any suggestions related to the closed-book exam policy going forward.
  2. Open to all: provide pros and cons related to the closed-book exam policy and offer any suggestions the Board may consider in offering the exam in the future. 

When offering feedback and suggestions be sure to provide as much detail as possible for the Board. The Board will consider all comments received during the open comment period in order to determine whether the policy should be reconsidered and/or revised. 

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Comment Title Commenter
Closed Book Exam Larry Hall  4/1/24  12:12 pm
Closed Book Jerod A Roberts  4/1/24  3:25 pm
Keep exam closed book C. Brian Thacker  4/2/24  9:39 am
Closed book Joshua hoffman  4/2/24  10:27 am
closed book exam buddy bentley  4/3/24  7:06 am
Open book test Anthony Parker  4/3/24  10:49 am
closed book exam Eric Walter  4/4/24  10:25 am
Open Book test Chris Myers  4/4/24  9:50 pm
Open Book - Closed Book Duane Hendricks  4/8/24  11:05 am
Open Book Test Southeastern Public Service Authority  4/8/24  11:23 am
Closed book exam Monteir Pulley  4/8/24  11:41 am
Open book David Rhoades  4/8/24  11:56 am
Open Book/Closed Book Edward Gauldin  4/8/24  12:15 pm
Open Book Jeremy Garret  4/8/24  12:21 pm
Open/Closed-Book Exam James Canty  4/8/24  1:29 pm
Open or Closed book testing Darryl Durham  4/8/24  2:10 pm
Open Book Anonymous (222496)  4/8/24  2:30 pm
Open Book Anonymous (222497)  4/8/24  2:35 pm
Open book testing Blake P.  4/8/24  2:51 pm
Open Book Exam Mike Debroux  4/8/24  6:31 pm
Closed Book Exams Jennifer Wheeler  4/9/24  9:08 am
Closed Book Exam Jack Murray, Panorama Paydirt  4/10/24  8:09 am
Open Book Question Stiles Peabody  4/10/24  4:45 pm
OPEN BOOK LONNIE GIVENS  4/11/24  10:11 am
Open-Book vs Closed Book Evaluation Dan Ciesla  4/15/24  10:03 am
Closed Book Beverly Lail  4/17/24  1:12 pm
Goal of Learning and Examination Curtis Knisley  4/23/24  8:39 am
We recommend reverting to open-book Healthcare Waste Institute  5/1/24  12:37 pm

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