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General Notice: Public Comment Forum for Gold Mining Study

red dot In Progress!     Opened on 2/4/2022 and closes at 11:59pm on 10/28/2022

The Department of Energy is interested in receiving public comments relative to the gold mining study contemplated by HB2213.  That bill, signed into law on March 30, 2021, directs the Secretariats of Natural and Historic Resources, Health and Human Resources, and Commerce and Trade to establish a work group to study the mining and processing of gold in the Commonwealth.

The work group shall (i) evaluate the impacts of the mining and processing of gold on public health, safety, and welfare in the Commonwealth; (ii) evaluate whether existing air and water quality regulations are sufficient to protect air and water quality in the Commonwealth from the mining and processing of gold, including evaluation of the impacts of different leaching and tailings management techniques on downstream communities; (iii) evaluate whether existing bonding, reclamation, closure, and long-term monitoring of sites for such mining or processing are sufficient; and (iv) report its findings no later than December 1, 2022.

For more information regarding the study, please click here.

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 Comment Title  Commenter
No Large scale gold mining in Virginia Sandra Munnell  10/3/22  1:27 pm
No gold mining in Virginia Anonymous (183384)  10/1/22  5:30 pm
Let’s steer Virginia in a new direction Anonymous (183208)  10/1/22  12:47 pm
Gold mining and drinking water Anonymous (182684)  9/30/22  6:28 pm
No Gold Mining! Finn P.  9/30/22  6:13 pm
No gold mining in Virginia, please! Kristin Peckman  9/30/22  3:22 pm
Silver-tongued Industry Leaves Toxic Aftertaste in Communities Jeff Creed  9/30/22  9:30 am
Gold mining in Virginia Anonymous (181236)  9/29/22  6:16 pm
Extended deadline for comments Kenda Hanuman, Friends of Buckingham  9/29/22  2:17 pm
No Gold mining in VA Melissa Johnson  9/29/22  12:35 pm
No Gold Mining Shanti Norris  9/29/22  12:09 pm
We MUST protect Our lands and resources Thomas Rome  9/29/22  10:23 am
Stop large scale gold mining! Genevieve Silverman  9/29/22  7:42 am
gold mining Mary Ann Kokenge  9/29/22  6:30 am
No to gold mining. Anonymous (179774)  9/29/22  4:01 am
No gold mining Sushila bales  9/28/22  8:59 pm
No Gold or Uranium mining in VA Anonymous (163107)  9/28/22  7:41 pm
No gold mining in Buckingham county virginia Will Stewart  9/28/22  12:48 pm
Large-scale gold mining should not proceed under current regulations Narissa Turner, Virginia Conservation Network  9/28/22  10:19 am
NO more mines/destruction! Haven’t we done enough damage already??? Dawn  9/28/22  3:29 am
No more mines/ retired nurse Heritage Hall Chapel  9/27/22  11:07 pm
I opose any goldmines in Buckingham county!!! Tammy Moss  9/27/22  10:55 pm
No official gold mining in our community!!! Anonymous (152277)  9/27/22  10:31 pm
Make Virginia Green Again Logan Thaler  9/27/22  7:50 pm
I’ll pay more in taxes to not have the mine. Thomas Walten  9/27/22  6:54 pm
no to gold mining debra boyer  9/27/22  6:47 pm
No mining in Virginia Susan Mullins  9/27/22  4:48 pm
Stop the mining! Isabelle henderson  9/27/22  4:41 pm
Why do we need to destroy more of our environment for a shiny rock?! Haley Mayo  9/27/22  4:37 pm
Please don’t make things any harder for future generations Annie Ramsay  9/27/22  4:09 pm
Stop this gold mine and save our earth and our lives! Anonymous (148244)  9/27/22  3:50 pm
No study needed, open pit mines = destruction Eric Thomas Ayers  9/27/22  1:08 am
Protect Virginia from Gold mining and all industrial environmental threats Janice O'Hara  9/27/22  12:46 am
No to gold mining! Protect our water Cecelia Daubenspeck  9/27/22  12:20 am
Opposed to gold mining in Virginia Amelia Williams  9/26/22  7:13 pm
No gold mining: Protect Virginia's health Anonymous (136331)  9/26/22  4:29 pm
Oppose gold mining in Virginia Beth Kreydatus  9/26/22  3:32 pm
No large-scale gold mining in Virginia Emily Piontek  9/26/22  2:59 pm
Timestamps of experts' video presentations Kenda Hanuman Friends of Buckingham  9/25/22  12:04 pm
No gold mining in Virginia!! Anonymous (128944)  9/24/22  8:37 pm
No large-scale gold mining in Virginia Anonymous (128941)  9/24/22  12:18 am
Protect our land & water Amanda Jennings  9/23/22  7:46 am
Gold and uranium mines Thomas Gannon  9/22/22  2:23 pm
Gold mining Susan Ann Miller  9/22/22  2:04 pm
DO NOT endanger Virginians by allowing big international companies to do damage to the earth Pamela Turner  9/22/22  1:28 pm
PLEASE do not allow large-scale gold mining in VA! Grace Holden  9/22/22  12:39 pm
No To Large Scale Gold Mining Jacob Hackman  9/22/22  10:48 am
Gold mining in Virginia Anonymous (128925)  9/21/22  9:16 pm
No thanks to gold mining. Virginia already has too many abandoned mines polluting our streams Anne Nielsen, HMCCreation Care Group  9/21/22  6:22 pm
reject large-scale gold mining in Virginia! Anonymous (128922)  9/21/22  1:49 pm
GOLD MINING AROUND THE JAMES RIVER Gerritt and Elizabeth Baker-Smith  9/21/22  1:20 pm
Oppose Industrial gold mining in Virginia Stephanie Malady  9/21/22  10:40 am
Gold Mining in VA Bob Shippee  9/21/22  10:00 am
No mega gold mines in Virginia Kristin Reed  9/21/22  9:39 am
No large-scale gold mining Bill Johnson  9/21/22  9:17 am
Unregulated industry is a threat to life Liberty Powers  9/21/22  8:57 am
Stop Raping Our Land Julia Caples  9/21/22  8:41 am
No large-scale gold mining in Virginia! Jeff Kuver  9/21/22  8:35 am
No large-scale gold mining Gwyneth Homer  9/21/22  8:16 am
Please no mines! Gail Itschner  9/21/22  8:07 am
No Large Scale Gold Mining in Virginia Michael Dunn  9/20/22  11:27 pm
No gold mining in Virginia! Ellen Valentine  9/20/22  10:41 pm
Buckingham gold mining Lawrence Tubb  9/20/22  10:02 pm
Gold Miming In VA Bruce I. Waxman, Self  9/20/22  10:02 pm
Mining hurts water and public health ann malone  9/20/22  9:43 pm
No Gold mining in Virginia Linda in VB  9/20/22  9:36 pm
Gold mining in Virginia Anonymous (128904)  9/20/22  9:25 pm
No Gold Mining in Virginia Lynne Oglesby Virginia Master Naturalist in training  9/20/22  9:18 pm
Large Scale Gold Mining in Virginia Tracey Wright, Private Citizen  9/20/22  9:18 pm
No large scale gold mine in Virginia Russ Hopler  9/20/22  8:44 pm
Clean water Alan Harper  9/20/22  8:14 pm
No large scale gold mining Rebecca Dameron  9/20/22  8:13 pm
Industrial gold mining in Virginia Joan Chapman  9/20/22  8:08 pm
Gold Mining in Virginia Debra S Abbott  9/20/22  7:51 pm
No Gold Mining in Virginia! Caitlin Williams  9/20/22  7:48 pm
No large scale gold mining please!! jane f harrington  9/20/22  7:33 pm
No gold mining Retired  9/20/22  7:32 pm
gold mining in Virginia Virginia Barber  9/20/22  7:25 pm
Oppose Large-Scale Gold Mining in VA Meg Lessard  9/20/22  7:24 pm
No large-scale gold mining in Virginia L. Chris Hager, Northern Virginians for Peace and Justice  9/20/22  7:13 pm
No large-scale gold mining in Virginia! Michael Sims  9/20/22  7:12 pm
What, aside from greed, justifies gold mining in Virginia? Doug Wellman  9/20/22  7:04 pm
No Gold Mining in Virginia William Lankford  9/20/22  6:34 pm
Water is Worth More Than Gold! Elizabeth Struthers Malbon  9/20/22  6:27 pm
Industrial Gold Mining in Virginia? Chad Oba - Friends of Buckingham  9/19/22  12:32 pm
Gold mining is too destructive: Do not allow Michael L. Bentley  9/18/22  4:08 pm
Costs are too great Sheryl Smith  9/18/22  1:47 pm
Gold Mining in Virginia. Ace  9/17/22  11:33 pm
gold mining in Virginia Robert K. Egbert  9/17/22  8:57 pm
No Gold Mining in Virginia Jude Swanson  9/17/22  8:45 pm
Thoughts about the gold mine Orla  9/17/22  7:02 pm
Against exploration and extraction for gold in the commonwealth. Erica H Bottger  9/17/22  5:56 pm
Virginia should not have large-scale gold mining Jessica Sims  9/13/22  7:27 pm
No Anne Little  9/12/22  9:36 pm
Please no gold mining near sensitive watersheds Kendall Dix  9/12/22  10:49 am
sharing materials submitted to NASEM Emily Francis, Southern Environmental Law Center  8/31/22  4:41 pm
Questions & Comments re August 26th SAC mtg. and draft doc Existing State Permitting Processes Katie Whitehead  8/21/22  4:31 pm
Potential Impacts of Gold Mining in Virginia Heidi Berthoud, Virginia Community Rights Network & Friends of Buckingham  7/20/22  4:05 pm
Health and environmental concerns Dr. Prem Anjali  7/9/22  6:59 pm
Mercury? Daphne Cole  7/5/22  10:00 pm
Gold mining in Virginia Virginia Rovnyak  6/22/22  11:10 am
This results in unsafe drinking water for my grandparents! Lauren Martin  6/21/22  9:51 am
Impacts of Gold Mining on drinking water sources Glen Besa  6/20/22  10:49 am
Gold Ming Impact of the James River Zachary Bullock  6/20/22  10:37 am
National Academy of Sciences visit and recording of Buckingham, VA listening session May 25 Kenda Hanuman, Friends of Buckingham  6/7/22  3:03 pm
Concerned about impact of large scale mining on water quality Rogard Ross  6/6/22  5:13 pm
Oppose gold mining in Virginia Catherine Lukaszewicz  6/5/22  2:40 pm
Experts' presentations thanks to the efforts of Friends of Buckingham and Press Pause Coalition Kenda Hanuman  6/5/22  2:38 pm
Against Gold Mining in Virginia Patricia VonOhlen  6/1/22  2:20 pm
Gold Mining HB 2213 Kenda Hanuman, Friends of Buckingham  5/29/22  2:42 pm
No Gold Mining in Buckingham!! Nancy McCaig- Realtor-1st Dominion Realty  5/24/22  9:40 am
HB2213 study groups Kenda Hanuman  5/23/22  1:27 pm
danger to the public of mining gold Marcia W. Woolman  5/16/22  10:33 am
Small scale mining Kayla Johanson  4/12/22  2:34 am
Recreational Gold Mining Jim Robert  4/5/22  11:05 am
More benefits than risks Jim Kimberlin  4/5/22  10:18 am
Placer mining purifies Waters of the state Jason Malcolm  4/5/22  10:08 am
Incorrect assumptions on small-scale mining Shannon Poe  4/5/22  9:50 am
In Regards to HB 2213 and the Effects of Gold Mining on the Enviorment Miguel Cuesta  4/2/22  11:02 pm
Public Comment Regarding HB 2213 Jamie Montoya  4/2/22  1:35 am
Mercury found in Rapidan River Abbie Zuravsky  3/30/22  8:49 pm
Gold mining study Thuta Maung  3/29/22  11:53 pm
Gold Mining Study LeNora Preston  3/29/22  5:22 pm
Gold Mining Study Ariq Abdullah  3/28/22  4:43 am
VA Department of Energy- Gold Mining Study Forum Indira Fayson  3/27/22  2:59 pm
Gold Mining Study Retired Professional Engineer  2/26/22  1:00 pm
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