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General Notice: Public Comment Forum for Gold Mining Study

red dot In Progress!     Opened on 2/4/2022 and closes at 11:59pm on 9/30/2022

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No Gold Mining in Buckingham!! Nancy McCaig- Realtor-1st Dominion Realty  5/24/22  9:40 am
HB2213 study groups Kenda Hanuman  5/23/22  1:27 pm
danger to the public of mining gold Marcia W. Woolman  5/16/22  10:33 am
Small scale mining Kayla Johanson  4/12/22  2:34 am
Recreational Gold Mining Jim Robert  4/5/22  11:05 am
More benefits than risks Jim Kimberlin  4/5/22  10:18 am
Placer mining purifies Waters of the state Jason Malcolm  4/5/22  10:08 am
Incorrect assumptions on small-scale mining Shannon Poe  4/5/22  9:50 am
In Regards to HB 2213 and the Effects of Gold Mining on the Enviorment Miguel Cuesta  4/2/22  11:02 pm
Public Comment Regarding HB 2213 Jamie Montoya  4/2/22  1:35 am
Mercury found in Rapidan River Abbie Zuravsky  3/30/22  8:49 pm
Gold mining study Thuta Maung  3/29/22  11:53 pm
Gold Mining Study LeNora Preston  3/29/22  5:22 pm
Gold Mining Study Ariq Abdullah  3/28/22  4:43 am
VA Department of Energy- Gold Mining Study Forum Indira Fayson  3/27/22  2:59 pm
Gold Mining Study Retired Professional Engineer  2/26/22  1:00 pm

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