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General Notice: INITIAL DRAFT New Licensing General Chapter 12VAC35-106 (Response to Periodic Review)

red dot In Progress!     Opened on 9/30/2019 and closes at 11:59pm on 10/31/2019

NOTICE: Public Comment Period to Open September 30, 2019 on INITIAL DRAFT Amendments to the DBHDS Licensing Regulations (12VAC35-105)


Each state agency must ensure that its regulations are reviewed at least once every four years through a ‘periodic review.’  Agencies must then decide if the regulation will be amended, retained as is, or repealed.  After conducting the most recent periodic review of the Licensing Regulations, the agency filed a decision to amend the regulations. 

Planned Changes

Since then, the Office of Licensing developed draft revisions to both the structure and the content of the Licensing Regulations.  In regard to structure, currently language addressing all disabilities is contained in Chapter 105.  This all-in-one structure is actually very rare across Virginia agenc ...... read the full general notice

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Serious Incidents Citizen  10/8/19  4:00 pm
Chapters on Disability Specific Services Citizen  10/8/19  3:28 pm
3 comments and a typo Citizen  10/8/19  3:22 pm
Shared Residence group homes-part 2 John Humphreys  10/7/19  11:20 am
Shared residence group homes-part 1 John Humphreys  10/7/19  11:18 am
Small Business Destruction john humphreys  10/6/19  7:21 pm

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